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L8500, L9000  on the heels of the infamous L10,000 OTL/OCL.  Trickledown technology with improved performance to value ratio effectively removing the most significant choke point in every single path.  More information to follow....


Remote controlled 61-step ‘constant impedance’ attenuator

Mr. Park has completed development of the world’s first 61-step, constant impedance, “bridged” type attenuator. Allnic’s new attenuator is now the most sophisticated on the market, and we believe, without a doubt, also the absolute best sounding. With fixed impedance and no (± 0db) channel unbalance at any volume level, the new attenuator will astound users with its elevation of the fidelity and purity of any system in which it is used. 

This revolutionary and currently unique, oil clutched, motorized attenuator will be standard equipment on the L-8000 preamplifier and L-10000 OTL/OCL preamplifier.

OTL/OCL Circuitry

OTL/OCL means “Output Transformer-Less” and “Output Capacitor Less”. In an OTL/OCL preamplifier, there is no coupling device between the preamplifier and the power amplifier, that is, the preamplifier’s final output tubes are directly connected to the power amplifier. Normally, an Output Capacitor or Output Transformer for separating AC music signal from the DC operating potential; if this is not done, the latter will destroy the power amplifier or loudspeakers.

But these two types of coupling devices are effectively obstacles to signal transmission that add their own character (color), increase distortion, and consume small signals according to physical efficiency theory. In addition, they limit signal dynamics.

Because of all these adverse effects, OTL/OCL has been considered the best solution for amplifiers in order to maintain signal purity.

* Removing these two coupling devices from the signal path, gives the best results.
* No coloration is added to the musical signal.
* Extremely detailed expression, natural harmonics and subtle musical decay are achieved.
* There is the lowest distortion possible due to the absence of coupling parts.
* The widest musical dynamics are attained.
* Some circuit experts might worry about DC potential in the music signal, but there is no need to worry. Allnic uses a “floating power supply circuit” which prevents the creation of any DC potential in the first place.


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L-8500 OTL/OCL & M-2500 Mono Block Amplifier


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