"Kevalin Audio is pleased to represent a cable line completely different than anything I have come across previously."

"With the Allnic ZL cables, my system achieved a level of clarity and cohesiveness and unveiling nuances of familiar recordings never heard before, and I have tried many, many cables!"


"I am far from the only one impressed by the ZL cables’ sonic and build quality and performance to price ratio. I came to appreciate them through those awards and reviews!"


"I recently had the opportunity to audition a pair of Allnic ZL-3000 Speaker cables. After a few rotations of one of my favorite ECM (Double Image – Dawn) records, I knew something special was happening. Rapid cymbal strikes that once produced that smeared ssssssss sound now revealed every individual strike from the drumstick. I could actually count them! Beautiful attack with long, sustained note decay. Several records produced subtle musical elements that previously were not there or were embedded deep in the background. On Hank Mobley’s Soul Station (AP), Winton Kelly’s stellar piano work was now more focused and defined. The upper registers played crisp without any grain or listener fatigue. Mid frequencies were smooth and appeared more forward. I also experienced improved imaging on several recordings with a holographic presentation that appeared to float above the components between the speakers while the negative space between the musicians was more defined. Bass reproduction was tight and deep and never overloading the room.


I found I could “throw the switch” on dynamic recordings without experiencing smear and loss of detail while lowering the volume on jazz recordings did not result in loss of resolution or detail. It was a pleasure to spin jazz records at low volume levels and still retain all the music. These cables are masters at resolving complex musical passages. Can’t wait to try the phono cable! These cables are my next purchase."


--Richard Wale

New and Upcoming Product Release

New ZL Speaker Cable release - stay tuned!  Please Email with an inquiry.  February Release, preorders by email.