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    "I put the WRouter in between the streamer and Wcore. The WRouter has a dirty side set of Ethernet ports (PC, internet, etc.) and a clean side of audio Ethernet ports. I put the Wcore and streamer on the clean side, and the internet on the dirty side. I got a very surprising improvement doing so. The background got even more black, any remaining tension totally removed, more focus. All with no tradeoff. It only improved every aspect of listening. This piece was much more of an improvement than all of my network tweaks combined. A truly amazing improvement."  Paul Hovenga, Many Moons Audio.


    Key Features



    Audio Grade Router with Audio Transport Roon Ready/DLNA/AirPlay/WNDR

    * WNDR - Waversa Network Direct Rendering

    Fanless Operation

    Optimized Linux for noiseless operation

    USB, Coaxial Output

    Additional 1x M2-SATA, 1x M-SATA Slot for storage extension

    SSD Storage for DLNA Media Sever and Roon Network Share

    DLNA/AirPlay Renderer forward to external WDAC/WStreamer which was compatible with WNDR protocol

    Battery operated 4x Ethernet ports

    Normal 3x Ethernet ports

    1x WAN Ethernet port

    AC Input : 90V ~ 260V Adjustable


    H / W: Noise Free


    Normal LAN uses linear power and Audio LAN runs the battery for complete power separation, and switching hub processors are arranged in each area for effective data distribution.


    Protocol: WNDR


    Wrouter WNDR (Waversa Network Direct Render) a proprietary protocol developed by Waver, is a non-buffer transmission technology. This protocol minimizes communication delays and controls inevitable network noise to optimize audio signal transmission. 


    WAP: Digital Signal


    WAP is an audio processor developed by Waver, which estimates digital signals close to the original sound. Unlike interpolation, which uses intermediate values, it is a technique for estimating and restoring signals from before and after signals, and higher levels produce more accurate analog signals.  See attached diagram above.


    Four stage hardware isolation

    4 x Audio LAN / 3 x Normal LAN



    • Separately Designed Processor (2 x Switching Hub Processor)
    • LANport with Isolation and Noise Filter
    • Lithium-ion battery and linear transformer power supply
    • Whole Duralamine Chassis (Bulkhead, Floating Structure)



    Separately Designed Processor (2 x Processor)


    Audio port and general port are designed to be completely separated from the processor. This separation of processors reduces the throughput of a single processor, reducing the chance of jitter due to overloading, and preventing even internally processed packets from being delivered to the audio port.


    • Normal Port Processor: WAN signal processing, LCD screen signal processing, input

    • Audio Port Processor: Process only audio signal


    LANport with Isolation and Noise Filter


    W ROUTER is equipped with a LAN port equipped with a noise filter to effectively remove noise-filled signals from external sources such as NAS and routers. In order to eliminate high-frequency noise with a small port with a small transformer, an additional filter is applied to pairs of eight signals.



    Large power transformers supply main power


    W ROUTER's basic operation, LCD front panel, battery charging, and general LAN port, are supplied with electricity from the linear power supply. Linear power supplies power more stably than SMPS power supply, so signal generation is minimized by minimizing jitter and noise.



    Battery-powered audio port


    The audio port is designed to operate on a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries change the electrical signals that are delivered more clearly by ensuring consistent and clean electricity that is difficult to achieve even with a linear power supply. In addition, the ultra-low impedance characteristics of lithium-ion batteries absorb and remove even the smallest noise signals transmitted through connected signal lines to achieve noise-free performance.


    Part of Linear Power Supply


    No matter how excellent the power supply is with a linear power supply and a battery, if you configure SMPS as the power configuration that goes into each part internally, it is a noise-filled SMPS power supply. W ROUTER designed the main board by Waver company to minimize the noise by making the power to the small part as much as the linear power supply. This design is an area that is never accessible with a tuned off-the-shelf product.



    Whole-cut duralumin chassis


    W CORE has minimized the effects of vibration through the duralumin through-cutting process, and the inside and outside are partitioned to a thickness of about 5 ~ 8mm, so that noise generated from outside or inside does not interfere with the audio signal.


    Floating structure design resistant to vibration


    The basic exterior armature is also built to resist vibration, but the design structure itself is also designed as a floating method with strong vibration suppression. This airborne structure makes it almost impossible to transfer vibrations, so there is no sound distortion due to vibrations.


    Network separation


    Using W ROUTER, you can make a stable independent network by separating it completely from your network. Also, depending on the network environment or needs, you can access Quick Setting and switch to switching hub mode or hot spot mode with one click.


    Please Note:  New units sold will be fitted with a SwissBIt single layer capacity microSD card to run the firmware and Audio Magic Beeswax Ultimate fuse - for sonic optimization.


    WiFi Access can be custom labeled and password protected by the end-user.


    Network security by "packet filtering". This firewall is not configurable by the end-user for user simplicity. 

    I would also note this router is designed to handle the most demanding audio files.  Best results occur when non-audio bandwidth is separated to another arm of your home network.

    Waversa WRouter

    $5,400.00 Regular Price
    $4,050.00Sale Price
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