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  • This item is on backorder with no delivery date established at this time.  This includes the optional linear power supply and docking station.  Please contact us with questions.


    This a new release by Waversa Systems out of Korea. The unit weighs under 10 lbs and is only 8"x12"x3/4". Supports: DLNA, ROON, WNDR, AirPlay, USB, Coaxial, Optical, FM, and Bluetooth Apt-X Lossless support. Full digital construction.

    I set this unit up with a WiFi to Ethernet RJ45 converter, Allnic ZL5000 power, speaker cables, and LSA-1 Statement monitors. The sound stage was large and deep with impressive imagery. Out of the box, I was floored. This unit would be an ideal gift for anyone who resides in a dorm, apartment, or tiny home.

    PPBTL = Para Para Bridge Tied Load. PPBTL is eight small output amplifiers merged into one amplifier that as configured produces ultra-low impedance output to handle low-efficiency speakers with low output power. 80 WPC.

    Uses Waversa in-house designed chip: Waversa Audio Processor, version WAP/X type 3, which has tube harmonic generator mirroring the 1940's Western Electric 300b.

    Ethernet:DLNA, Roon Ready, WNDR, AirPlay, DSD256
    USB-B:PCM 24Bit/384kHz
    USB-A:USBストレージ対応(DLNA), USB-DAC/DDC対応
    FM Tuner:88~108MHz

    Kevalin Audio is limited to North America distribution. If you are located in another region, please contact me and I will make the proper arrangements with Waversa or your regional dealer.


    Limited supply left - consider Coupon Code: "Student" for discount.   Of course, please review our buyer's policy here.

    Waversa Systems Incorporated WSlim - All-in-One Digital Amplifier

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