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Waversa Multi-Layer Energy Transfer (WMLET)

Channel separation technology for the audio frequency range (WMLET – Waversa Multi-Layer Energy Transfer)


Waversa Systems has introduced two unique technologies that make optimal use of the ES9038PRO’s 32-bit 8-channel Digital to Analog conversion capabilities. One is a source estimation algorithm that operates at 32Bit / 1.5MHz. The other is Range Separation Technology (WMLET).

Rather than using the commercially available ES9038PRO chip as designed, D/A conversion is the only function of this chip in Waversa’s setting. The circuits of the ES9038PRO input and oversampling filter stages are bypassed and a fundamentally different processing algorithm is applied within the in-house designed Waversa Audio Processor (WAP). The WAP data stream is then passed on to the ES9038PRO by another key processing technique: Range channel separation technology (WMLET-Waversa Multi-Layer Energy Transfer).


As the transfer technology’s name implies, the auditory frequency band is divided into high, mid-high, mid-low, and low ”layers”, bands, at the digital stage for each of the left and right channels, then passed through all eight channels of the ES9038Pro for processing. Instead of 8 channels, in conventional signal processing only the left and right channels are processed together and more energy is concentrated in the mid-band. To prevent this, WMLET regulates the energy distribution evenly across four channels per frequency band and creates a band balance that cannot be felt with conventional DACs. Distortion caused by energy bias is reduced, revealing subtle musical elements that are otherwise unrealized. This approach to digital processing is unique to Waversa products.


 ● The energy concentrated in the mid-band is evenly distributed, and the band balance is excellent.

 ● The resolution increases with each band, taking advantage of the nuances of band separation and creating a more natural presentation of music.

 ● Implementation of a wider music signal dynamic range and broadband frequency reproduction.

 ● A natural balance of the sound can be maintained, and the original quality of the tone is maintained.

 ● Waversa Multi-Layer Energy Transfer (WMLET) is currently implemented in all current and future dac production.

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