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Reaping the Benefits!


With Autumn’s arrival, the weather chills, home fires burn brighter, and music becomes again a vital contributor to the warmth of our spirits. Fall is also the time to bring in the harvest and reward ourselves with the benefits of all the prior months’ labours.

In the previous blog, I described the Allnic products introduced since January, the new fruits of KS Park’s ingenuity and brilliant audio-engineering.

But besides this fresh “crop” of unparalleled, excellent audio gear, there are other ways to reap the benefits of Allnic’s, and our own, work.

If you’re interested in acquiring a piece of Allnic electronics at a great price, or an excellent device by another manufacturer, now is a great time to take advantage of the trade-in and demo products we have available. Please note that all Allnic products come with full factory warranty!

To start, though, I’d like to highlight the special pricing available on brand new units of the upgraded, final, “Special Edition” of a current product... The A-2000 25th Anniversary SE stereo power amplifier was introduced early in 2022 and came about because of now retired Allnic North American distributor Hammertone Audio working a special deal with Allnic for the last fifteen chassis of the award-winning A-2000 25th Anniversary.

The A-2000 25th Anniversary was a powerhouse and a paragon of stable, resolute power with clarity and finesse. With the modifications, the SE version sounds even better, and for the price, we think nothing will be able to touch it. It’s a great way to end the A-2000 25th Anniversary’s production run, and a great opportunity, limited by number of course, for anyone wanting a brand new Allnic power amp, one that can drive virtually any speaker, “for a song”, so to speak.  A few units remain in stock for rapid delivery!

The KT150 based A-2000 25th Anniversary SE is pentode/triode switchable “on-the-fly”, providing 100 watts/channel in pentode mode and more than 50 watts in SET sounding triode, and is available in silver or black at the truly exceptional price of $5900! That’s a fantastic savings over the original version - especially in the current economic climate.

Review and award for the standard A-2000 25th Anniversary – July 2021!

Part-Time Audiophile named the A-2000 an Editor’s Choice!

It’s rare for me to review a product like this which is just so thoroughly sorted, and at what I find to be a very fair price…

If you’re in the market for an amp that does what the modern 100W per channel solid-state stereo amplifier purported to do; power anything big or small, do so quietly and with great character and flat frequency response, I’m here to tell you that you can do one better, and even get those magical glowing vacuum-sealed bottles while you’re at it. If you have an opportunity to lay ears on this amp—don’t miss it.

Grover Neville

On to the trades and demos!

First up, an example of another manufacturer’s product: as part of the purchase of an A-2000 25th Anniversary SE, a customer recently traded in a pair of AUDIO ALCHEMY DPA-1M Class D amps, Stereophile’s review here:

"These amps are real sleepers,  they have virtually the identical input stage as the  Constellation amps.  They have the same designer, the guy with the hair..  and his partner I believe for constellation audio.  I was lucky enough to have both of them at my dealers place to demo those mono audio alchemy’s.  and in an all constellation/kharma db11 system.  Honestly, I was told by the designer that the alchemy’s are WAY better than the few reviews out there.  They should have been priced at 10k but were underpriced to start the return of the audio alchemy brand..  I thought they were the best digital amps so far- and I’ve heard a lot of the best,  and not at all outclassed by the kharma’s.  whoever you sell these to will be very happy with them.  I also agree the reviews are definitely undercutting them.  It’s because they are reviewed with the matching pre which was a much lower class sound wise."

These are new pieces and absolutely clean.
⦁    325 WPC into 8Ω, 400 WPC into 4Ω
⦁    Class A discrete FET input stage
⦁    Cool-running Class D output stage
⦁    XLR and RCA inputs
⦁    Switchable gain and mute

 Retail was $4000 - we’re asking $2850 or BEST OFFER.  -SOLD.

Now a few of the great Allnic deals:

T-2000 25th Anniversary, demo, black

We have a special price on a demo, black T-2000 25th Anniversary integrated amplifier. The left post for the front right KT150 tube silo had to be re-tapped and replaced; a trial auditioner over-torqued the post and snapped it off.  Although the post now has a solid placement, I do not recommend removing and replacing it. THIS ITEM IS SOLD.

Otherwise, this is an almost new unitnew retail is $10,900 - Offered here at only $5800! Call or email me for more information.

M-2500 monoblocks – Demo, 300B version, silver


Offered here is a beautiful demo pair of the 300B version of the M-2500 monoblocks, in silver. These are in like-new condition with few hours on the tubes and offer 30 watts/channel of push-pull power retaining the musicality of the 300B tubes. Read Audiophilia’s glowing review here:

The M-2500 monoblocks retail for $19,500. Asking price for this like-new, silver demo pair is only $12,000!


L-9000 OTL/OCL (output transformer-less/output capacitor-less) Preamplifier

Less is so much more! A black, brand-new, in-the-box, output transformer-less/output capacitor-less L-9000 Preamp is on offer – this is close-out pricing for this amazing product. Read the Soundstage-Ultra review to find out why this preamp is special:

The L-9000 OTL/OCL preamp offers unbelievably realistic, holographic sound-staging combined with incredible resolution, clarity, micro-dynamics, and drive. Instrument and vocal tones and timbres are breathtakingly lifelike, and the placement of instruments and bodies in three dimensions startling, life-size, and addictive.  The L-9000 OTL/OCL has no voice of its own, none. In addition, the stunningly realistic sonic quality is matched by the simple elegance, flexibility and ergonomic functionality of the L-9000’s casework and connection options.

The L-9000 sits between the L-10000, Allnic Audio’s top OTL/OCL line-stage preamplifier, and the L-8500 OTL/OCL line-stage preamplifier.

Retailing at $18,000 – you can have this brand-new, black

L-9000 OTL/OCL for $12,000!  This unit is SOLD!

L-6500 Preamplifier

We have a beautiful demo L-6500 preamp available at a significantly reduced price for an essentially brand-new unit.

With the exceptional sound quality we expect from Allnic, the L-6500 features 20dB gain, Allnic’s famous in-house designed and built permalloy output transformers – ensuring a constant low output impedance (ensuring it will work with almost all amplifiers), multiple balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs, NOS tubes, separate current meters for each channel and remote control. All this is in the new rugged chassis design that reduces vibration and matches the H-6500 and H-5500 phono stages. The new “baby” of the Allnic preamps definitely shares many of the outstanding features of its siblings. Read the recent HiFi+ review to get a handle on this product (no longer available for the introductory price) Allnic L-6500 Preamplifier HIFI+ Review May 2022 
It may just make you want to really get your hands on this special offering.

The L-6500 retails for $9000 – this like-new demo can be yours for $6500!

H-7000 Phono-stage Preamplifier - An Opportunity to own

Allnic's Legacy Product!

In on trade is a silver H-7000 Phono-stage Preamp in excellent condition. The H-7000 is stunningly beautiful, with a beefy CNC milled aluminum main chassis and weighing in at 45 pounds.

The H-7000 features large power and permalloy nickel signal path transformers, multiple inputs (2 MM and 2 MC), NOS Mullard E810F gain tubes, and a separate power supply robust enough to satisfy all tube rollers’ frenzied shootouts and Saturday night trials. Since the H-7000 became available, it’s had excellent feedback on vintage rectifiers tried and liked, such as the RCA 5U4G, GEC U52, and the Mullard family of CV378 (both bottle shapes), CV37, and 5AR4. A big all-time favourite is the WE422A.

And it’s another award winner!

Please take a look at the reviews:

Audiophilia Allnic Audio H-7000 – Allnic H-7000V review (Translated from the German)

H-7000 review – Enjoy the Music Nov 2019


The H-7000 retails for $16,500. This excellent condition, silver trade-in is available for $11,500 – or best offer!

H-5500 Phono-stage Preamplifier

Here we have a brand-new H-5500 Phono-stage preamplifier in black available. The only issue is that the box is damaged! For this tear in the packaging, we’re reducing the price from the retail of $5700 - to $4800!  *THIS ITEM IS SOLD!*  Please note an H-6500, Black Chassis is available soon at discount pricing!!! - once off review by PTA!  Please Email with questions.  A full Warranty is offered.

Want to know more about what you’d be getting? Just look at these:

Part-time Audiophile H-5500 Review 05-09-21
Oct 2021 Audiophilia H-5500 Review
HIFI Knights Poland H-5500 review – English
HIFI+ H-5500 Review 01-2022

Allnic Cartridges!

I have two demo Allnic cartridges for sale, an Amber and a Rose. They have extremely low hours and are in perfect condition.

As noted above, full factory warranty applies to these beauties!
Read the reviews and user comments on-line. You will not be disappointed!

   Audiophilia Products of the Year! 
Part-time Audiophile Amber Review 05-09-21

HiFi Knights Poland Amber Review – English


The Amber demo (retail $4900) - available for only $3000!

The Rose demo (retail $3190) – available for only $2000!

Stock varies daily – call or email to find out what’s available and to discuss prices!

Please scroll down to see what else is currently available and... to discuss purchasing any of the above products, or any Allnic product, for the first time or to move up the Allnic product line, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, John Ketcham, at Kevalin Audio. If you’re in Canada, please contact Don Corby at Corby’s Audio.

Remember: quality trades are always welcome.

Available demo gear and trades 

  • Allnic Cartridges:  Rose and Amber (demo/display) - Perfect condition, Full Warranty.
  • HOT ITEM:  H-7000 Manufactured June 2018, silver unit.  Trade-in. Excellent condition and known provenance, no kids, pets, tobacco. - $10,900 OBO.  60Hz/120V N. American Rating.

  • HOT ITEM 2.0: L-10,000 OTL/OCL black (and silver) demo that will be retired.  Perfect condition, Full Factory Warranty. 

  • HOT ITEM 3.0: D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC black chassis.  Return from review, publication anticipated MARCH, 2023!  Excellent opportunity!  Used only for review and in perfect condition, Full Factory Warranty.

  • Allnic H-5500 black, demo

  • Allnic H-8000 silver, demo.  Faint micro-scratches on both chassis.  Full warranty.  No performance issues.

  • Allnic A-2000 25th anniversary KT150 Silver/Black Chassis - Special Edition!  This is a VERSION 2 - Triode design.  Full factory warranty! $5900 LIMITED PRODUCTION at a fantastic bargain!

  • Allnic A-311m PX25 monoblock amplifier - Silver, Kron PX25, and 5U4G rectifiers. $9000

  • Allnic T-1500 mkii - Demo unit, Black Chassis. Full Warranty - NEW PAIR OF KRON 300B Tubes

  • Allnic ZL cables, demo stock varies daily.  Special pricing on NEW overstock: balanced interconnects and 20A ZL5000 Power Cables.  Both Demos and Overstock are of excellent value and highly recommended.  They have a full manufacturer warranty. 

  • Waversa H/P LPS Two umbilical - 5V-24V digitally adjustable by 0.1V Demo. $1000.

  • Waversa W Streamer V2 new release (in stock!) - Open box for a photo shoot.

  • Waversa low amperage linear power supply

  • Waversa Vdac mkii Western Electric tube-based dac with LAN-REFERENCE internal conditioner. - I believe as good as the TotalDac but compact, versatile, and easier to operate.

  • Waversa Vpre Western Electric tube-based preamp + Vpower 300b balanced monoblock power amplifier - Special pricing as a package deal. - SOLD!

  • Waversa Amp 2.5 mkii digital integrated amplifier - $2500.  V3 release later this year.  The price-performance ratio is excellent!

  • Waversa DAC3c "Open Box" $3500

  • Waversa LAN EXT-1 - Demo units available.

  • Waversa LAN EXT Reference - nominated twice! for the most desirable product of the year (Let's hope it wins!)

  • Waversa LAN EXT Reference Plus Demo (off review) Call for special pricing! Also nominated for the most desirable product of the year

  • McIntosh 252 Integrated $3000 Trade-in (For Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary)  SOLD!(

  • H-1201 Silver - $1500 Trade-in

  • TotalDac Streamer and Reclocker Offered at $7500 OBO  (Retail over $12,500)

  • D1-streamer-mk1

  • d1-digital-mk1 reclocker

  • Included Options:

  • DSD option 

  • silver front panel

  • massive copper plate mounted inside the chassis (Featured in all applicable units)

  • power supply board to transform the standard USB input into a self-powered USB input

  • Gigafilter, a very high-end USB filter/cable

  • ethernet filter/cable, 2m

NOTE: Another TotalDac12 MKII stack with V2 streamer, reclocker is available - Call for details!

While we try to keep this list current, availability changes daily.  Please email me at for product availability and pricing.  All units are at current manufacturer specifications unless clearly noted.


Kevalin Audio
Corvallis, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio
Email or call John Ketcham:
Tel: +1 503–292–5592

Corby’s Audio
Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio
Email or call Don Corby:
Tel: +1 905.689.1976
Toll free: 1.877.689.1976

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