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This summer is the time to scoop Allnic gear into your bucket

so you can

Bask in the Best of Home Music Reproduction All Year Round!

Allnic Audio specializes in seriously innovative, high-quality vacuum tube electronics. Thirty-five years of business success with consistently excellent reviews and customer feedback from around the world prove that Allnic products meet the highest standards for circuit and industrial design, longevity and, especially, sound quality. With in-house manufactured transformers and other components and an ever-growing record of spectacular “world’s firsts”, Allnic Audio is at the forefront of vacuum tube electronics design and sound quality.

Here lies a sea of opportunity!  Consider the promo code "summer24" when making a purchase.  Contact us by email for a free consultation regarding optimal solutions for your home reference system. (

While here, please take time to read on below, check out the products’ individual pages and peruse the reviews: ( We invite you to explore in depth Allnic’s extensive range of amplification devices, both integrated and separates, available at a wide variety of price-points.

Just for example, Allnic’s product range includes the Rose and Amber, uniquely designed, hand-built moving coil cartridges, and the impactful Mu-8RS custom phono cable package.

And now, the newly released HPA-300B integrated headphone amplifier joins the lineup! Like the T-1500 MKii, this integrated auto-biases but features Allnic's coveted 61-step Constant-Impedance Attenuator, tube rectification and exceptional headphone capability.  Tune its sublime sound to your taste with your favorite 300B and compatible rectifier.  MRSP $15,000 USD.  Call or email for more information.

The HPA-300B released on the heels of the award winning HPA-10,000 OTL/OCL line-stage headphone amplifier.  Both have unique qualities that impress, seamlessly coalescing with their associated home environments.

HPA-10000 B-FStopfull_edited.jpg

I would consider the HPA-10,000 OTL/OCL a more advanced circuit requiring some critical thinking when determining a failed tube, albeit a rare occurrence. 


The 300B has a warm presentation and great bass extension.  Like the DHT models, excels at delicacy and decay bringing emotion to the recording.  The OTL is detail oriented with an overall neutral presentation.

Please explore this site and learn about the benefits of these technologies applied to the H-10,000 OTL/OCL Phono Stage and D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC

Just a few among many others!!

Allnic truly offers “an ocean of opportunities” to help you find the home audio sonic solution you’re looking for!

And please come back regularly to check for new products, coming soon.

Allnic D-10000 DAC
World’s First OTL/OCL DAC

Before you go on to read more about Allnic’s product line and current deals, you might want to read the RAVE hi-fi+ REVIEW of Allnic’s D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC!

“... Allnic Audio’s D-10000 shows just how important a well-produced output stage is to making one of the best DACs in the world. And that’s outside of matching OTL/OCL preamps and power amps. That could raise the game still further and perhaps be the best digital audio sound ever.”Alan Sircom, hi-fi+ Issue 221

Allnic’s D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC is a world’s first, truly ground-breaking product! 

Introduction to Allnic bundle sale!  This is no joke, the highest value offered yet by Allnic and Kevalin Audio.

Two Award Winning units, proven high performers and remain excellent value.  L-6500 41-step Line Stage preamplifier paired with the A-2000 25th Anniversary amplifier5-pairs being offered in total.  1 silver and 4 black.  $12,000 plus shipping, cash offer.  West Coast - FedEx Ground, East of the Rocky Mountains, FedEx Air Express.  48-72 hr delivery.  A fabulous system to introduce the sonic beauty offered by vacuum tube amplification.  These units share the same circuit technology and build quality as Allnic's Flagship components!

For those interested please read about each component:

L-6500 Linestage Preamplifier

A-2000 'se' Amplifier

Download or link to the official reviews here!

We’re happy to be a small part of the world of creativity and science that continues to bring us amazing instruments of great music reproduction - and purveyors of some of what we feel are its greatest gifts. 

So, this landing page offers a slightly updated overview of the entire Allnic Audio product line, from A to Z, phono cartridges to speaker cables, the full line-up of choices - all of which are meant for one thing only: to bring the essence of the live music experience into our homes, the emotions and human connections, the sensuousness of the human voice and all the instruments humankind has created to move the air itself, that fundamental element of life, to express our individual and shared joys, wonder and awe, sadness, longings, and fulfillment.


The staff of Kevalin Audio have over the years strived to present the technologies and sonic benefits offered by both Allnic and Waversa.  Please explore this site for the wealth of information within, and note that under 'Testimonials' for each company are links to professional reviews for further enjoyment.


If you’re aiming for great sound, Allnic will help you get there!

Whether you’re building your ideal two-channel audio system for the first time or thinking about making a change in a system that has already taken you years to build, Allnic Audio has a line of products that can help you attain your goals.

With over 30 years in the audio business, 30 years that include design and commercialization of several “world’s firsts”, South Korea-based Allnic Audio has a proven record of manufacturing truly world class, two-channel electronics and audio cables.

Allnic is first and foremost analog and vacuum tube equipment - using classic technologies that have been deeply examined, re-considered, and reinvented by the company’s founder, Kang Su Park.

KS Park has an encyclopaedic knowledge of vacuum tubes, vacuum tube circuits, transformers, and the history of the use of the vacuum tube in music reproduction. He has also proven himself to be an original thinker and an extremely capable and creative audio engineer.

KS Park, Front centre

Among the highlights of Mr. Park’s life-long passion for building audio equipment capable of the absolutely highest fidelity are, for example:

⦁    the successful commercialization of line-stage and phono-stage preamplifiers with ALL Direct-Heated Triodes in the signal path

⦁    the world’s first constant impedance attenuator

⦁    the world’s first audio cables using both high-temperature (1000 degrees C) welding of wire to terminations for the lowest resistance, and MU metal shielding for complete RFI and EMI rejection

KS Park is not sitting contentedly on his laurels, either.

Allnic has always manufactured its own permalloy output transformers and phono-cartridges completely in-house – in fact, KS Park makes every cartridge himself!

Allnic Amber and Rose

The star sisters of 2020, Amber and Rose, continue to sing with welcoming praise and interesting trades: Airtight Supreme, Lyra Titan, Dynavector XV1S, and Ikeda, to name a few. The price to greater than expected performance makes these twins a pleasant surprise. Simply stated, "the Amber just made everything better."

Now, Mr. Park has even guided the company to first commercial production of its own brand of high-fidelity vacuum tubes.  Factory direct sales with shipping worldwide, the RS242, 3A109, HL2 and soon the 300B.  These tubes have proven to be powerful, dynamic, stable and present absolute clarity!  Stay tuned for further details...

The knowledge, expertise, and creativity that produced such breakthroughs has resulted in a product line true to its strengths and a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Allnic’s current product line comprises equipment that is recognized world-wide as truly exceptional in sound quality, industrial design and build quality regardless of price-point and includes:

⦁    line-stage preamplifiers, both transformer-coupled, including the L-8000 DHT (Direct-heated Triode), and OTL/OCL (output transformer-less/output capacitor-less) models

⦁    phono-stage preamplifiers, including its H-8000 DHT flagship

⦁    Stereo and monoblock power amplifiers, including both push-pull and SET (including one DHT monoblock) models, some offering the customer a choice of power tubes

⦁    Integrated amplifiers, both push-pull and SET

⦁    Silver or copper-wound analog Step-Up Transformers

⦁    The Rose and Amber Moving Coil phono cartridges

⦁    The D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC with an OTL/OCL tube analog output stage - an industry first!

⦁    OTL/OCL Headphone amplifier

⦁    ZL Technology (Zero-Loss) copper, and copper and silver conductor audio cables

⦁    In-house designed and manufactured 300B, 3A, HL2 and RS242 vacuum tubes

It’s no surprise that over the years, Allnic products have garnered rave reviews and awards from professional reviewers and customers, and that its products are in demand all over the world.

For a comprehensive list of links to professional reviews of and testimonials relating to Allnic’s products, see the reviews page on this website and the individual product pages:

Finally, please take some time to look over our site and learn more about Allnic Audio and its products on their individual product pages and in our past blogs, and check out the great opportunities for purchase of demo, trade and overstock items here, too:

Regardless of which Allnic device you choose, we’re certain it will be “right on target”, bringing you closer to our shared goal: a home music reproduction system that takes you deep into the heart of every recording and brings the truth of the artists’ emotional and intellectual intentions and performance into your listening space.

To discuss purchasing any Allnic product, for the first time or to move up the Allnic product line, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, John Ketcham, here at Kevalin Audio.

If you’re in Canada, please contact Don Corby at Corby’s Audio.
And please, remember: quality trades are always welcome.


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