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New Mu 8R Phono cable $1595

New Mu 8R Digital cable $1595

New ZL-8000 Power Cable $3200

Standard lengths - Call, text, or email to inquire.


Read the recent highly enthusiastic hi-fi+ Mu-8R Review
Not just for tube gear!

hi-fi+ March, 2023 Review on the Mu-8r interconnects

“Allnic Audio’s cables are not to be sniffed at. It’s rare to think of a brand that achieves success both in the field of amp AND cable design, but Kang Su Park’s brand is one of the rare exceptions. Naturally, the cables are an excellent match for Allnic Audio’s electronics, but they go far further than that!”

Alan Sircom, hi-fi+ Issue 217





Allnic’s first Interconnect cables to use both solid copper and silver conductors are a MAJOR HIT!

The new MU-8RS interconnects have had a terrific reception. Feedback from purchasers has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, indicating that the MU-8RS interconnects are another winner from the mind of Allnic’s KS Park:

Hi John,​​


You really got me with these new Allnic interconnects. The MU-8RS, being a silver design, I was not expecting to enjoy them so much, musically. I expected things to tip into thinner HiFi territory. Simply, the opposite. I gained emotion from everything I played. They convey richness and harmonics in a way I have not heard any cable do! So, I am getting more information, while gaining musicality as well. It is not an easy thing to describe. It is more about feelings than attributes to the sound. The only attributes I can come up with are dense and coherent. Something my other cables were not after hearing the MU-8R. Nothing stands out or is presented as peaky sounding. No congestion or compression to the sound. It is as if music is delivered free without trade-offs. ​


They do not sound like anything, they seemingly just get out of the way and deliver the musical message unfettered, allowing me to be emotionally engulfed in the music. It is not about revealing more information at the expense of enjoying less of my recordings. It seems to give more and transcend that hyper resolute aspect that other cables have presented here. Give here, take there. None of that. I simply get more enjoyment from all my recordings with these in the system. Thank you very much for making me try these! 



They take a lot, A LOT, of time to get broken in but once they do:

"Allnic cable-

A bit of background - I have a 20-year journey with high end interconnects (although not the uber-expensive Siltech, Crystal Connect etc.!). In the past 5 years or so I graduated from Acrolink 6300 to LessLoss C-Mark to Ansuz D-TC (2nd hand!) to Sablon to Tara Labs Muse to LessLoss Entropic ... in my view, increasing musicality and transparency on that journey. I value tonal density, micro-dynamics and delicacy, 'flow' and coherence, PRAT - more than big-boned dynamics or Staging (although I have found that these improve as the tone etc improve). I am certainly not enamoured with clinical 'transparency' where both the tonal variety and musical message gets lost beneath detail.

So onto the new Allnic silvers ... initially these were at a similar level to the LessLoss Entropic, a bit bright and slightly hard. However, after around 150-200 hours these blossomed to another level - the best I have heard. They bring a lower subjective noise floor, incredible musical flow and timing, lovely tone (better even than the LessLoss - more liquidity and 'shine') and - yes - a huge soundstage. Not only a great cable, but a great value."

-Damien, South Africa.

Mu8 Notes:

(Beautiful cables both aesthetically and sonically)
-Classical, Chamber, All music is more coherent, tonally accurate, and sounds like it was recorded. 
It would be very hard, damn near impossible, for Mr. Park to top these cables. I would go so far as to say it will take him a decade(s).

Frank – Tennessee

There is more of everything without sacrificing anything.



I have taken more time with the cables than I had anticipated.

Very pleased with the silky highs and excellent transparency…

I first gave the XLR a stringent test with the Van Den Hul Grail SB and the transfiguration Protius D cart playing a DG copy of Siegfried (Karajan).

Passed with flying colors… voices pleasant to listen to with the hall acoustic and spatiality fully present… excellent

The RCA on another SS phono lacked a bit in the bass... after a day or two moved it to the Tom Evans Master SR with the GFS and here it showed its stuff. Excellent in all respects, especially tonality.

JDL – Belgium

The MU-8RS cables are selling extremely well, with customers tending to purchase a single pair and, shortly after, replace their entire cable loom with the new cable. 

Like the earlier introduced ZL8000S speaker cables, the new MU-8RS interconnect cables combine both solid silver and copper conductors, to deliver all the music for maximum sonic realism!

While some aspects of the cable are proprietary and have not been disclosed, we do know that unlike the MU-7R cables, which are all copper, the MU-8RS cables utilize both copper and silver conductors, and both types are solid; there is no plating or coating involved.

In addition, we are told that Allnic’s unique EMI/RFI blocking MU-metal shielding on the MU-8RS has been doubled relative to that in the MU-7R. These differences slightly increase the diameter of the MU-8RS relative to the MU-7R cables, but flexibility is essentially the same. Both versions bend well, though can’t be considered “cooked spaghetti”: you do need a few inches behind your gear.

All the other elements of Allnic’s ZL Technology are maintained in the MU-8RS, too, including the custom-made beryllium copper connectors with their quartered split pins for tight coupling that won’t work loose, and the use of 1000 degree Centigrade super-hot welding to join the conductors and the connectors. For a complete description of Allnic’s ZL (Zero Loss) Technology, follow this link:



Allnic ZL Technologies - About | Kevalin Audio

Few manufacturers demonstrate this level of sophistication in design and adept implementation using quality materials. 

These cables are also beautiful, in my view, from a purely aesthetic perspective and are clearly robust and solid in construction. My listening impressions of the ZL-8000S speaker cables relative to the ZL-5000 all-copper version can be applied equally to the MU-8RS interconnects. About the silver speaker cables, I said:

My immediate impression of the ZL-8000s is clarity. As with a newly prescribed pair of glasses, I notice detail that has not been previously realized. There exists a prominent high-frequency airy extension and, over time, an improved inner layering, overall depth, and separation in the soundstage giving a more distinct positioning of musical instruments--the sum of which is improved overall holography. Initially, strengths of the ZL-5000 were noted and missed; however, during this extensive breaking in process, these differences became muted, and the ZL-8000s excelled, particularly in dynamics across the frequency spectrum regardless of volume. This is a noted distinction. The dynamics of the ZL-5000 soften at low volume. But so did any cable I auditioned or owned before today. The quality of expansive richness and warmth, or bloom, is where the ZL-5000 shines, and for me historically never existed in any silver cable. This, among a few other reasons, is why I favored copper cables throughout my system. Such bloom, to me, evokes emotion. The ZL-8000s present a better overall focus, and realism while maintaining an emotional connection with the music. Again, it circles back to clarity.


It can be stated numerous ways... Two other customers, both with Allnic electronics but quite different speakers and who now have both the ZL-8000S speaker cables and MU-8RS interconnects (changing from the MU-7R) report that, in general, the silver interconnects expanded the layering, depth and width of the soundstage, revealed more inner detail, and increased the sense of realism especially through the improvement of the accuracy of instrumental and vocal timbres.

As noted, these impressions are all with the MU-8RS interconnects used with the ZL-8000S speaker cables – “doubling up” absolutely provides just MORE! I expect that if you are using ZL-5000 speaker cables, the MU-8RS interconnects will bring the same kinds of changes and clarity differing in degree - and those changes will be enhanced as one adds more of the silver into the cable loom. Of course, system synergy will always be a consideration, particularly the potential differences between using the silver cables with solid state and tube electronics.

The entire matter also goes to choice, what one is looking for – some may perceive the all-copper MU-7R cables being a great option for systems wanting more body and weight, with the silvers optimizing systems where more “air” and fine detail are desirable. This was the verdict of Srajan Ebaen at 6moons with the ZL-8000S speaker cables. He runs a basically complete Allnic cable loom:

As such, the 8000S's low end really was no lighter nor its treble any brighter. If Kang-Su's design brief had been to train silver to behave like copper for bandwidth and tonal balance, he clearly succeeded. He comes from classic valve gear, specifically multi-stage direct-heated triodes. Those tend to work with slightly softer transients and bloomier decays. I instantly saw why he might want this slightly cooler crisper drier sonic profile in a counter-steering cable. In our home, 1MHz direct-coupled class AB transistors show exceptional speed, clarity and no shift. Here Kang-Su's lesser red leashes with pure copper conductors [the ZL-5000 speaker cables] retained my vote. The reason was identical to the earlier referenced Grimm Audio cable review where I'd slightly favored their copper wires to our far pricier silver/gold Crystal Cable equivalents. So forget about the artificial bass/mid/treble trilogy. It's really one unity and certainly was so here.

6moons ZL-8000S review:

Every system is unique... Here’s a note on the new MU-8RS ICs to Allnic from a Korean reviewer, with solid state gear (translated):

I put it between Mytech's Manhattan Ⅱ DAC and the Sim audio Moon 340i X integrated amplifier and compared it with the XLR cable I used before. Speakers are DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96...

As soon as the first movement of the Brahms Piano Trio, played by Maria Joan Pires, Augustin Dumay, and Gian Wang, played, 'Wow!' was exclaimed automatically. The notes are much softer, the overtones have exploded, and the stage scale itself has grown. Even considering the price difference between the two cables, the softer sound, richer number of notes, and wider stage were incomparable.

In Patricia Barber's 'A Taste of Honey' (Cafe Blue), the first guitar sound is “moister”, and the vocals are noticeably warmer. The friction between the guitar strings and the player's fingers was also more audible.

In 'Dies Irae' of the Verdi Requiem conducted by Claudio Abbado with the Berlin Philharmonic, the gap between soft and strong notes is denser and smoother. Power, detail, transparency, S/N ratio, and almost everything I can think of, the level skyrocketed...

After hearing this explanation from CEO Park, I changed the system and listened again (Pass XP-12, Electrocompaniet AW250R, Magico A1). The taste of the 4th movement of Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5, conducted by Andris Nelsons with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is different from usual. As each note escapes from the speaker, soft notes sound clearer and strong notes more dynamic. You feel this pleasant sound pressure with your whole body! I have my eyes on the MU-8Rs as the ‘Cable of the Year’ in advance.

So... KS Park again offers us more choice, more opportunity to get our systems so, mandating the way we want them--maximum musical satisfaction at the true high-end of audio. I think the MU-8RS interconnects are absolutely world-class, competitive with anything out there, and an unbelievable value by comparison.

As with ALL Allnic ZL cables, RCA and XLR terminations are the same price, $3995, and additional lengths are available for only a very nominal upcharge.  Standard Length is 1M.  Additional lengths at $300/0.5M.  Email first for custom lengths.  Discount on bulk pricing, return customers, and trades encouraged.



For further research please see this comprehensive list of professional reviews: Allnic Testimonials

And Awards!: Allnic Technological Achievements

As always, to discuss purchasing the NEW MU-8RS INTERCONNECTS or any Allnic product, for the first time or to move up the Allnic product line, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, John Ketcham, at Kevalin Audio. If you’re in Canada, please contact Don Corby at Corby’s Audio.

       ...and please, don’t forget: quality trades are always welcome.

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