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History of Allnic Audio: 

Allnic Audio Labs, founded in 1990 by Mr. K.S. Park, is based in South Korea. Previously, Mr. Park co-founded Silvaweld, a company renowned in its time for transformer-coupled and single-ended-triode tube designs.


After great success as head designer at Silvaweld, Kang Su Park went solo to pursue his masterplan. Allnic Audio Labs was formed with the intention of matching and, indeed, exceeding the heights achieved by any tube amp companies.

Mr. Park has not failed in his goals. We believe he has created some of the world’s finest valve equipment. His designs are truly unique, employing highly unusual tubes and design techniques which are simply too difficult or costly for others to even consider.

Working with direct heated triodes, hand wound nickel alloy transformers, LCR RIAA equalization, output transformer-less and output capacitor-less circuitry, Kang Su is one of the industry’s master innovators.


Legacy pieces like the astonishingly capable H-1201 and the ‘impossible to build’ H-5000 – tiny moving coil voltages married with normally noise ridden DHT tubes –  will go down as landmarks in the Hifi halls of fame.

The Allnic sound elicits all the superlatives that can be levelled at the very best vacuum tube designs but with an extra dynamism and sense of life which is rare at any price. Spookily natural and ‘at ease’, Allnic equipment removes itself from the mind’s eye and allows a deep and unhindered connection to the music.

What We Make

Although we started by making only tube amplifiers, we now design and produce a variety of exceptional audio products: phono stages, MC cartridges, a head amp, headphone amps, cables, DACs, and speakers.


Integrated Amplifier

Pre Amplifier Linestage


Digital Analog Converter

Headphone Amplifier

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