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It’s Christmas already - and a New Year around the corner! Looking back on 2021, a tough year in so many ways, we want to thank all our valued customers for their support, for the decision they made to go with an ALLNIC product in their pursuit of the joy of music listening. It’s given us great satisfaction to assist with that, especially to get feedback from customers saying that they love the Allnic product they’ve purchased, newly introduced or “tried and true”, new or used, and the glorious music it makes. It might seem trite to say, but the sentiment is real: A sincere THANK YOU to all our clients for making 2021 a successful year - for their love of recorded music, for Allnic, and for working with us.




As the only Allnic dealer in the US currently, I also want to say thank you to my colleagues, North American Allnic Distributor David Beetles of Hammertone Audio and Don Corby of Corby’s Audio, both in Canada. Both these gents have helped me in my journey from an audiophile that discovered a stereo equipment manufacturer of tremendous quality and value, Allnic, inspiring me to become an Allnic dealer.

David is the epitome of a distributor that truly makes a difference, supporting not only Allnic Audio, the manufacturer he represents, but also Allnic retailers such as myself and Don Corby – and our customers - in myriad ways. David has many, many years’ experience providing exemplary customer service and has taught me far more than I could have learned alone in the years I have been at this. Of most importance is his consistent demonstration of a powerful motivation to provide gear that produces incredible sound quality and brings real improvement to audiophiles’ quality of life. No matter what happens, what the issue, and pretty much what time of day or night(!), David is there to help the customer and his retailers to achieve satisfaction. He is, simply, a constant source of information and inspiration.

With 30 years in the industry, Don Corby founded what many in the Toronto region simply refer to as Corby’s - because it’s that CHILL!  He is as open as David to helping out – and he has the same kind of enviable reputation among audiophiles in eastern Canada that David has across Canada and the US. Don just expanded his “bricks and mortar” shop and also hosted a pre-Christmas “shop-warming” that was a great success, even in the face of covid restrictions - two accomplishments pretty rare in 2021 and testaments to his dedication to customers. The only “want” to remain for the shop - a liquor license! I have learned a ton from Don over the years. To his credit, he created and offers a carbon fiber platter mat with wonderful dampening benefits that, in summation, offers clarity! Those who find themselves in the region, pay him a visit! 

 - Highly recommended.


Working with these two bright and customer-satisfaction dedicated individuals has been a great pleasure. They’re rather like two Santas – except working all year round to deliver – and they aren’t concerned if you’ve been naughty! ;-)


Don, David, and I are about solutions for long-term investment. We love to hear the qualities you love about your system and the goals you are trying to achieve. Our established network maintains a healthy stock of new, demo and premier trade-in Allnic electronics and cables. The trade-ins often sell fast, and we do keep a short list of customers who desire something specific.  



When I hear a product that puts me in the performance space with the musicians, I feel as if life has granted me a true gift, a present of great value (Maybe Santa doesn’t work only at Christmas ;-) . That’s what happens to me every time I receive a new Allnic product. It never ceases to startle and amaze me, and it’s wanting to share that experience that really got me into the business. Being an Allnic dealer is a great way to experience the presence of musicians at home more often, even if it is vicariously, by sharing the surprise and delight of satisfied customers.

The key here, though, is always Allnic: talk with Allnic owners, read the reviews.

If you’re considering purchasing a piece of Allnic gear, now is an especially good time. We have been proactive and thus far succeeded in NO PRICE INCREASES for 2022!  With all the supply chain issues affecting us globally, I’m happy to say that Kevalin Audio, Hammertone Audio and Corby’s Audio all have Allnic stock at hand for immediate delivery. This stock includes new, demo and trade-in items.


See below for what’s on hand right now that might be of interest. Please don’t forget that package deals are possible and generous trade-in allowances are available for high quality gear of all makes.




Kevalin Audio
Corvallis, Oregon
Website link: Kevalin Audio
Email or call John Ketcham:
Tel: +1 503–292–5592


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)
Kelowna, BC
Website link: Hammertone Audio
Email or call Dave Beetles:
Tel:+1 250.826.6872

Corby’s Audio
Freelton, Ontario
Website link: Corby’s Audio
Email or call Don Corby:
Tel: +1 905.689.1976
Toll free: 1.877.689.1976


Kevalin Audio has in stock many of Allnic's flagships pieces!!!

The H-8000 DHT with the first step-up transformers wound in SILVER!  (Black and Silver Chassis), H-7000, L-10,000 OTL/OCL, L-9000 OTL/OCL.  The new A-2500 Monoblocks with the coveted 211 tubes!

⦁    Allnic Cartridges:  Rose and Amber (demo/display) - Perfect condition, Full manufacturer’s warranty. Inquire for price.
⦁    ALLNIC L-7000 -Black Trade-in $8500 OBO.  Cosmetically mint condition! 
⦁    Allnic H-5500 silver, trade in.  Like new. Full manufacturer’s warranty. Inquire for price.
⦁    Allnic T-2000 25th Anniversary KT150 Black Chassis - Available now, full manufacturer’s warranty! $6900
⦁    Allnic A-2000 25th Anniversary KT150 Black Chassis - Available now, full manufacturer’s warranty! $5900
⦁    Allnic A-311m PX25 monoblock amplifiers - Silver, trade-in. Kron PX25, and 5U4G rectifiers.  1937 OSRAM tubes on request. Inquire for price.
⦁    Allnic M-2500 PX25 monoblock amplifiers - Silver, trade-in. Full manufacturer’s warranty.  New Kron PX25 tubes.  $9800 by bank wire, free shipping. 
⦁    Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary - off review from Part-Time Audiophile.  Black.  Full manufacturer’s warranty. Inquire for price.
⦁    Allnic ZL cables, demo stock varies daily.  Special pricing on overstock: balanced interconnects and 20A ZL-5000 Power Cables.  Both Demos and Overstock are of excellent value and highly recommended.  They have full manufacturer’s warranty. 

Take a look at our Demo and Trade page for other great products 

Corby’s Audio

Call Don for special pricing on all listed units – Full manufacturer’s warranty on all.  These include A-2000 25th Anniversary, M3000 mk2 monoblock amplifiers, ALL of the Allnic integrated amplifiers - so there is no waiting!  You can enjoy these in days and Don ships internationally!  Of special mention, because these sell fast: HA-5000 Head amplifier - Two (2) - Black and Silver - Demos.
Hammertone Audio ALSO has some very special pieces that while in conversation caught my attention!  


⦁    M-2500 Monoblock amplifiers - 30WPC 300B - Pair – Silver - Demo, 
⦁    A-5000 DHT monoblock amplifiers – 10 WPC 300B - Pair - Silver – Demo. 
⦁    L-8000 DHT Line-stage preamplifier – Silver – Demo.
⦁    T-1800 EL34 Integrated amplifier - Silver – Demo.
⦁    H-1201 Phono Preamplifier – Black – Trade – Off warranty - Ships from USA - $2050.




Once again, thank you to all our customers for your patronage, we really enjoy what we do –  wishing you all a happy holiday season and a fantastic 2022!


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