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Due to changes in market conditions, manufacturers’ increased costs associated with sourcing materials and increased freight costs for manufacturing material and product transportation, as well as changes in import regulations, duty and associated brokerage fees, Kevalin Audio has adjusted its terms of sale to provide the most competitive pricing and quickest delivery times. These terms of sale are part of the purchase contract and a purchaser is deemed to have accepted and agreed to them.

While Kevalin Audio can sell Allnic and Torus Power products worldwide with a few exceptions, Kevalin Audio Waversa sales are restricted solely to North America.  Outside of special consideration sanctioned by Waversa Systems Corporation, Waversa products are sold at Waversa’s established retail pricing and all products are shipped from their US or Canadian dealers.  However, quality trade-ins are welcomed and encouraged for all products Kevalin Audio offers.

All import duty and brokerage fees for products imported INTO the USA are covered by Kevalin Audio.  For products sold by Kevalin Audio into countries other than the USA (not possible for Waversa Systems products), all associated brokerage, duty, taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Please note, for exports to Europe - VAT is now assessed to the shipper and will be added to the bill of sale.

To help mitigate increased costs of transportation, products may be drop-shipped from the factory or from locations outside the United States from our distributor or Canadian dealers.  While we do our best to streamline the import process, paperwork may be misplaced during transportation and a delay in customs clearance may happen.  If there is a customs clearance delay, please call Kevalin Audio immediately.  A simple phone call from Kevalin Audio often clears the item within 6-24 hours.

If a customer prefers to receive a product not held in stock in the USA by Kevalin Audio but direct from Kevalin Audio’s USA store, there will be a 2 (two) week additional lead time and significant additional shipping charges.

Through direct consultation and awareness of potentially applicable unique opportunities, we can advise you on the most effective solution for your budget and preferred schedule. Please note, however, that Kevalin Audio is not Amazon: acquisition is almost never immediate.  We believe in a smart investment for long term enjoyment.

Payments accepted:


For purchases under $2500 USD, Kevalin Audio accepts credit cards through Square.  Square reserves the right to deny any transaction.  In such a circumstance, payment then will be by bank wire or other mutually agreed form of payment.  All purchases over $2500 will be by BANK WIRE TRANSFER only.

Warranty and return:

Except as specified below, any direct purchase made through the automated Kevalin Audio website has a 30 (thirty) day home trial period, with the option to return for refund less a 20% restocking fee.  For return to be authorized, the product must be in as new condition AND a phone conversation prior to shipping is required.  Shipping instructions and refund details will be discussed at this time.  Once return is authorized, a Merchant Return Application number will be provided.  Purchaser will pay the full non-reimbursable cost of return shipping. Kevalin Audio’s signature and insurance for the full purchase price are required; loss of or damage to the shipped product will be the complete responsibility of the customer returning the product.  Any arrangement for recovery for loss or damage incurred during shipping is between the shipper and shipping company.  Refund of purchase price less restocking fee will be made upon Kevalin Audio’s receipt of the returned product in as new condition.

-The EXT and Activator series by Waversa Systems purchased through site have a 30-day trial and may be returned for a full refund. No restocking fee is applied.  Kevalin Audio must be notified by email, including the original receipt, before shipping.  Purchaser assumes return shipping cost and will ship insured.   A refund will be issued after the item is received and evaluated.

- Phono cartridges are non-returnable.

- Custom orders, sale items, trade-in products, demo products, discontinued     products and any otherwise discounted items are non-returnable.

All purchasers regardless of product and purchase method are required to report any visible damage to product or product malfunction at first use to Kevalin Audio immediately. Failure to do so may result in reduction of any applicable refund amount.



Products sold by Kevalin Audio are sophisticated electronic devices and it is the purchaser’s obligation to have read and understood the purchased product’s manual prior to installing and powering on the product.  Please contact Kevalin Audio if any part of the product manual is unclear.  Kevalin Audio is not liable for any damage or loss of any kind, including consequential damage or loss, resulting from the use of products purchased from Kevalin Audio.

All new, demo and review products carry a full factory warranty.  Allnic products have a 2 (two) year factory warranty.  Allnic factory supplied tubes have a 6 (six) month warranty from the date of purchase.  Waversa products have a 1 (one) year factory warranty.  Torus Power products have a 5 (five) year factory warranty. Products are covered by manufacturer's warranty only. Kevalin Audio does not itself warranty any product it sells.

Trade-in items are inspected and expected to perform to specifications.  Trade-in items are covered by remaining manufacturer's warranty only and only if it is transferable.  Any manufacturer required product registration is the purchaser’s responsibility.

Minor irregularities of the chassis finish of any product sold by Kevalin Audio may be present on a new item, are an inherent characteristic of aluminum and coatings used, and do not in any way affect product operation or performance.  Minor cosmetic irregularities are not protected by warranty unless expressly stated by the manufacturer.

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