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It’s almost the end of summer, a good time before cooler temperatures to take any opportunity to wiggle the toes in the sand and enjoy the heat! That’s our plan right now, so this entry, borrowing from previous blogs, is just to give us something exciting to dream about while basking in the sunshine – a review of what’s happened in the Allnic world so far this year.

And what a year, with the release of four new products since January! We don’t know what might happen before December – there have been hints about an OTL/OCL phono-stage (now that’s intriguing) - but we just have to wait. In the meantime, here’s what maestro KS Park at Allnic has delivered to date.

Since the release of the long-discontinued but extremely successful H-1200 and through all the iterations of the phono-preamps, the production of fantastic sound quality has always been feature number one, and all the current Allnic phono-stages provide it, from the lowest cost but brilliant and award-winning H-5500, to the new H-6500 discussed here a few posts back, to the much-lauded H-7000/H-7000V, and finally the flagship H-8000 DHT. Reviewers and customers agree: no matter which Allnic phono-stage one uses, it is certain to transform the sound of one’s vinyl system, elevating it beyond expectations.

H-6500 Phono-stage

The H-6500 is Allnic’s mid-line phono-stage model, sitting above the acclaimed H-5500 and below the much-lauded H-7000/7000V, and the top-of-the-line H-8000 DHT.

Like its bigger siblings, the H-6500 uses LCR RIAA equalization, has an outboard power supply that accommodates many rectifiers – a tube roller’s dream, and employs high-speed tube voltage regulation and the same MC step-up transformers that come standard on the H-7000/7000V!


New!  H-6500 Phonostage Amplifier

The H-6500 features:

⦁    Same MC Step-up transformers as standard on H-7000/7000V
⦁    Permalloy output transformers
⦁    Separate Power Supply
⦁    High-speed tube voltage regulation
⦁    Analog tube monitor meters
⦁    All NOS tubes
             -5842 x 8, signal gain (similar to WE 417A).
             -7233 x 2, series voltage regulator (similar to CV4079).
       -5654 x 2, automatic voltage regulator (similar to 6AK5W, CV4010, M8100, 6096, E95F 6096).
    -5AR4 x 1, rectifier – in the power supply (many equivalents possible)
⦁    Dual MC and MM inputs
⦁    One pair RCA outputs

H-6500 rear view, silver chassis

The H-6500 LCR Phono-stage is a stunningly good and superb value introduction to the real high-end of vinyl playback. It’s still so new there are no pro reviews yet, but they’re in the works – stay tuned.

The H-6500 is US $9,900.

A-2500 211/845 SET Monoblock Power Amplifier

The A-2500 845 tube SET with Silver Chassis

Transparency, purity, and presence – with real drive and bass! The 211 and 845 tubes finally reveal their true musical potential. Meet the A-2500 pure SET monoblocks!

We and many other audiophiles around the world had been asking for many years, and at last, KS Park found time to address requests for a tube-rectified, single-ended triode amp using 211 or 845 power triodes. We got both!

The A-2500 SET monoblock power amps use the customer’s choice of the famously musical 211 or 845 power tube. Both versions give the user 20 watts per monoblock of pure SET bliss. The input tube is a double triode (a 6CM7 for the 211 and 6DR7 for the 845 – not interchangeable) and the rectifier in both versions is the well-known, great-sounding, and reliable 5R4.

Those who have heard the A-2500s have been deeply impressed – all the “transparency and presence” of the 211 and 845, “dead quiet”, “amazing drive and dynamics!” Not to mention feedback that these little beauties are models of elegant industrial design.
The A-2500s are sure to please and become highly treasured components of your audio system!

The A-2500 211 tube SET with Silver Chassis
The A-2500 845 tube SET with Silver Chassis

Again, reviews will be appearing soon.

The A-2500 211/845 SET monoblocks are US $18,000 per pair.


The D-10000 OTL/OCL (Output transformer-less / Output capacitor-less): a unique, world-class, reference level DAC. Unbelievably realistic, holographic sound-staging combined with incredible resolution, clarity, micro and macro-dynamics, and drive – listeners are saying “like analog”! Instrument and vocal tones and timbres are breathtakingly lifelike, the placement of instruments and bodies in three dimensions startling, life-size, and addictive.

The newly introduced D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC - an industry first!

Inspired by the purity of sound provided by Allnic’s own OTL/OCL preamps and headphone amplifier, KS Park challenged himself to apply that “Less is so Much More” technology to the analog output stage of a DAC. Removal of the two final coupling devices from the signal path achieves the best results possible:

• No colouration of the musical signal
• Extremely detailed expression, natural harmonics and subtle musical decay
• The lowest possible distortion
• The widest musical dynamics and frequency range

In the D-10000, there is no coupling device between the DAC and the preamplifier; that is, the final gain/output tubes are directly connected to the preamplifier. Thus, the benefits listed above are fully present in the Allnic D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC.
With a digital section designed by Dr. C. Shin, principal of WAVERSA SYSTEMS and an expert in high-resolution digital and digital to analog design for both military and commercial applications, the D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC is unique in the marketplace. None of the D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC’s digital components are sourced from the audio supply market except for the DAC chip it employs, for D to A conversion only, the ES9018K2M SABRE 32 Reference DAC. All signal processing is accomplished by a Waversa Systems proprietary, in-house designed and maufactured FPGA chip set. In addition, the USB interface and SPDIF receiver are specifically customized for use in the D-10000 OTL/OCL, and custom-built high end up-samplers are utilized for user selectable “real-time” DSD conversion and PCM up-sampling.

The result? The D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC is unique – and truly a masterpiece.

Interest in the D-10000 is strong and growing as the news about its exceptional sound quality is starting to circulate more widely.


Watch for the reviews!

US $19,000.00


The new MU-8RS interconnect cables combine both solid silver and copper conductors to deliver ALL the music for maximum sonic realism! 

Unlike the MU-7R cables, which are all copper, the MU-8RS cables utilize both copper and silver conductors, and both types are solid; there is no plating or coating involved. In addition, we are told that Allnic’s unique EMI/RFI blocking MU-metal shielding on the MU-8RS has been doubled relative to that in the MU-7R. These differences slightly increase the diameter of the MU-8RS relative to the MU-7R cables, but flexibility is essentially the same. Both versions bend well, though can’t be considered “cooked spaghetti”: you do need a few inches behind your gear.

All the other elements of Allnic’s ZL Technology are maintained in the MU-8RS, too, including the custom-made beryllium copper connectors with their quartered split pins for tight coupling that won’t work loose, and the use of 1000 degree Centigrade super-hot welding to join the conductors and the connectors.

Interest in these new interconnects has been very gratifying, as has been user feedback to date – one purchaser who switched from the MU-7RS, which he loved, said simply, employing an old but totally apt cliche, “If you want ‘em back, it’ll be from my cold, dead hands!”. Arrangements for professional review are in the works.

The MU-8RS interconnects are available in both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) configurations. Both versions are the same price: standard length is 1m at US $3995. Additional lengths are $300/0.5M.

The multiple award-winning H-7000/7000V, LCR MM/MC Phono-stage with separate power supply

There is also news about the MC step-up transformers featured in the AUT-2000, the H-7000 and H-7000V, and the H-8000 DHT – all new production of these units will feature silver wire wound MC SUTs! This new re-design improves detail, dynamics, and decay without coloration.  All benefits and no trade-off! In addition, upgrade packages of the new silver wound SUTs are now available for installation in current units – at customer’s cost by a qualified technician of customer’s choice - for $2500.  Please note this option is now standard on H-8000 DHT.

The conclusion? These four KS Park Allnic creations truly are such stuff as dreams are made on, to paraphrase another famous producer of masterpieces. Feel free to put all of this in your pocket and take it to the beach - but if you want to act... 

As always, to discuss purchasing any of Allnic’s 2022 releases, or any Allnic product, for the first time or to move up the Allnic product line, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, John Ketcham, at Kevalin Audio. If you’re in Canada, please contact Don Corby at Corby’s Audio.
– and please, don’t forget: quality trades are always welcome.

Kevalin Audio
Corvallis, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio
Email or call John Ketcham:
Tel: +1 503–292–5592

Corby’s Audio
Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio
Email or call Don Corby:
Tel: +1 905.689.1976
Toll free: 1.877.689.1976

Available demo gear and trades 

  • Labor day sale through the 5th of September, 2022! Call 01 503 292 5592
  • Allnic Cartridges:  Rose and Amber (demo/display) - Perfect condition, Full Warranty.
  • HOT ITEM:  H-7000 Manufactured June 2018, silver unit.  Trade-in. Excellent condition and known provenance, no kids, pets, tobacco. - $10,900 OBO.  60Hz/120V N. American Rating.

  • HOT ITEM 2.0: L-10,000 OTL/OCL black demo that will be retired.  Perfect condition, Full Factory Warranty. Available September.  Reserve now!

  • M-2500 300B 30W Monoblock, silver unit, trade-in.  Excellent condition.  No defects, no sonic issues.  Fresh tubes.  $12,000 (OBO)

  • Allnic H-5500 silver, open box.

  • Allnic H-8000 silver, demo.  Faint micro-scratches on both chassis.  Full warranty.  No performance issues.

  • Allnic A-2000 25th anniversary KT150 Silver/Black Chassis - Special Edition!  This is a VERSION 2 - Triode design.  Full factory warranty! $5900 LIMITED PRODUCTION at a fantastic bargain!

  • Allnic A-311m PX25 monoblock amplifier - Silver, Kron PX25, and 5U4G rectifiers.  1937 OSRAM tubes on request.

  • Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary - off review from Part-Time Audiophile.  Black.  Full Warranty. 

  • Allnic T-2000 25th Anniversary - trade-in.  One cosmetic defect was repaired. $6500  Black. OBO

  • Allnic T-1500 mkii - Demo unit, Black Chassis. Full Warranty

  • Allnic L-9,000 OTL/OCL Line Stage Preamplifier - Black.  New in Box.  Special Pricing.  

  • Allnic ZL cables, demo stock varies daily.  Special pricing on NEW overstock: balanced interconnects and 20A ZL5000 Power Cables.  Both Demos and Overstock are of excellent value and highly recommended.  They have a full manufacturer warranty. 

  • Waversa H/P LPS Two umbilical - 5V-24V digitally adjustable by 0.1V Demo. $1000.

  • Waversa W Streamer V2 new release (Summer 2022)

  • Waversa low amperage linear power supply

  • Waversa Vdac mkii Western Electric tube-based dac with LAN-REFERENCE internal conditioner. - I believe as good as the TotalDac but compact, versatile, and easier to operate.

  • Waversa Vpre Western Electric tube-based preamp + Vpower 300b balanced monoblock power amplifier - Special pricing as a package deal.

  • Waversa Amp 2.5 mkii digital integrated amplifier - special pricing.  V3 release later this year.  The price-performance ratio is excellent!

  • Waversa DAC3c "Open Box"

  • Waversa Wrouter "demo" (Please note WRouter is on sale, please contact for information and pricing)

  • Waversa LAN EXT-1 - Demo units available.

  • Waversa LAN EXT Reference - nominated for the most desirable product of the year (Let's hope it wins!)

  • Waversa LAN EXT Reference Plus Demo (off review) Call for special pricing!

  • TotalDac Streamer and Reclocker Offered at $7500 OBO  (Retail over $12,500)

  • D1-streamer-mk1

  • d1-digital-mk1 reclocker

  • Included Options:

  • DSD option 

  • silver front panel

  • massive copper plate mounted inside the chassis (Featured in all applicable units)

  • power supply board to transform the standard USB input into a self-powered USB input

  • Gigafilter, a very high-end USB filter/cable

  • ethernet filter/cable, 2m

While we try to keep this list current, availability changes daily.  We believe in long-term investments, so please tell us your budget and goal. Don Corby and I are successful at realizing these goals.  Please email me at for product availability and pricing.  All units are at current manufacturer specifications unless clearly noted.

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