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Conductor and Orchestra - Performing Their Best

It seems to me sometimes that putting together a music playback system at home that will sound like “music to my ears” is similar to conducting an orchestra: there are a lot of “players”, and they need to work together to reproduce music in a way that satisfies me, the conductor.


I think my system should let me forget about what’s making the sound and be transported by the music, intellectually and emotionally, in whatever balance suits me best. Various types of amplifying devices, analog and digital sources with all their sub-parts, cables, speakers, my room, my ears, equipment stands, etc. need to play together, creating unity, not discord.

I’ve found that among the products I’ve used at home, those created by KS Park of Allnic Audio have always proven to be truly exceptional members of my personal “orchestra”. I’m certain Allnic gear owners around the world feel the same. In fact, as I’ve said before, it’s my experience as an Allnic owner that motivated me to become an Allnic retailer.

One notable “musician” recently released by Allnic is the H-5500 phono-stage. This smallest of Allnic phono-stages is the subject of a just published review by Poland’s HIFI Knights on-line magazine. The review is comprehensive, its author, Marek Dyba, providing excellent, detailed context and criteria for his listening and judgements. I think you’ll enjoy reading the full review here:

However, providing the link won’t prevent me from giving you a couple of spoiler examples of Mr. Dyba’s conclusions:


I could just say something like a beautiful, tube sound, but at this point, some people prejudiced against the stereotypical “tube” sound, would probably stop reading, which would be a mistake. The point is, that the tested Allnic Audio does offer the very best qualities tubes have to offer. The sound with it is open, spacious, effortless, tangible, and has this very special, natural flow that most solid-state devices (to my ears) lack. And all these qualities are served at a level that is difficult for transistors to climb up to, regardless of their price. To be clear – there is no denying that the solid-states offer their own set of advantages, just a different one. Also, the H-5500 is by no means limited to the above-mentioned ones; those are just the most obvious right from the start. 




The Allnic Audio H-5500 is “living” proof of the fact that a great-sounding tube phono stage does not have to cost a fortune. On the one hand, it offers multiple sonic features generally associated with tube devices – natural, refined, fluid and smooth, beautifully open and effortless sound, perfectly reproduced spatial aspects of any recording, and impressive micro-dynamics. On the other hand, though, it is fully capable of delivering an energetic performance with good drive, great pace & rhythm, powerful slam of well-extended bass, as well as strong, vibrant, crisp, well-differentiated treble. It is a fantastic, definitely better than the price suggests, choice for people who prefer acoustic and vocal music; but combined with the proper cartridge, it will also allow you to draw real pleasure from listening to highly energetic, dynamic electric (blues, rock, classical) music.

The H-5500 joins the ranks of Allnic’s other analog orchestra members, the H-7000 and H-7000V, the flagship H-8000 DHT, and the NEWLY INTRODUCED H-6500 PHONO-STAGE, which features multiple inputs and a separate tube-rectified power supply.

The H-6500 has just completed a year of international field testing and the feedback is that it’s a superb piece at the intro price - and beyond - exceeding expectations. The introductory price is $9500. Right now, I can offer these “sneak peeks” of one of the field test units from the factory but check back for more photos and specifications on this exciting new star player soon.

There is also news about the MC step-up transformers featured in the AUT-2000, the H-7000 and H-7000V, and the H-8000 DHT – all new production of these units will feature silver wire wound MC SUTs! In addition, upgrade packages of the new silver wound SUTs are now available for installation in current units – at customer’s cost by a qualified technician of customer’s choice - for sale price of $1500Please note this option is now standard on H-8000 DHT.

HIFI Knights Mr. Dyba also “conducted an interview” with Allnic’s Amber cartridge, whose sibling, the Rose, is garnering its share of positive feedback. You can read the HIFI Knights Amber review here: Suffice it to say that Mr. Dyba also found the Amber to be a very accomplished music maker:


I have already mentioned that the Allnic Audio Amber, developed by Mr. Park, is a bit of a different type of animal than, for example, Mr. Matsudaira’s cartridges (My Sonic Labs, Air Tight, Murasakino Sumile and others). It reminded me more of a once owned Koetsu Black Goldline, or the recently tested Miyajima Laboratory Saboten, i.e., cartridges that are very musical, fluid, sounding very pleasant to the ear, and at the same time offering good resolution. Compared to these two, however, the Amber would be a step forward...

Finally, a note on a special opportunity to obtain a superb power foundation for your personal orchestra. Allnic has discontinued the A-2000 25th Anniversary, KT150 stereo power amplifier. We have available fifteen (15 only) “hot-rodded” A-2000 25th Anniversary SE amps (Special Edition) – at a truly exceptional price: $7900! That’s an absolutely fantastic savings over the original, especially in the current economic climate.  Free shipping at considerable savings with PREORDERS.  Shipping March, 2022!

The A-2000 25th Anniversary SE is a 100-watt (pentode) push-pull, stereo power amplifier, pentode/triode switchable “on-the-fly”, providing more than 50 watts in SET-sounding triode mode. Take a look at these enthusiastic reviews of the original A-2000:


Part-Time Audiophile A-2000 Review 07-2021

Audiophilia A-2000 Review July 2020

A-2000 25th Audio (S.Korea’s magazine) review

With the modifications, the A-2000 25th Anniversary SE sounds even better than the original, and for the price, I think nothing else comes close.


Now it’s time to head for the podium in my concert hall!

To inquire about the Allnic products discussed above, please contact me here at Kevalin Audio, and if you’re in Canada, Corby’s Audio, at the coordinates below.


Also, as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss purchasing an Allnic product for the first time or moving up the Allnic product line – quality trades are always welcome!



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