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  • Technology continues to evolve, and Allnic Audio’s KS Park’s “out of this world” works of sonic artistry are no exception. The H-5500 replaces the extremely popular H-1202, providing more features and more beauty in both sound and appearance for a relatively small uptick in cost – especially at this introductory price – adding up to an even greater quality to cost ratio than its predecessor. 


    The H-5500 offers:

    • dual MM and MC inputs
    • power supply capacity double that of the H-1202
    • current meter for monitoring tube status
    • redesigned larger, heavier, and more solid aluminum chassis


    We are absolutely confident the H-5500 is an exceptional value that will greatly exceed expectations and provide many years of satisfaction.


    Limited supply of first production units due to already high demand. Order now for delivery in 4 to 6 weeks.


    Introductory price of $4500 USD – including free shipping to anywhere in North America.

    H-5500 Phone Preamp

    • The H-5500 uses the same NOS tube set as its predecessor, the H-1202, but in a more feature and value packed chassis. The H-5500 sports:

      • two pairs each of MM and MC inputs
      • a power supply capacity double that of the H-1202 for more drive, better bass and better balance across the full frequency range
      • a current meter for monitoring tube status
      • larger, heavier and more solid aluminum casework that is more resistant to vibration

      The H-5500 can be ordered in black or silver.

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