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Introduction to Allnic bundle sale!  This is no joke, the highest value offered yet by Allnic and Kevalin Audio.

Two Award Winning units, proven high performers and remain excellent value.  L-6500 41-step Line Stage preamplifier paired with the A-2000 25th Anniversary amplifier5-pairs being offered in total.  1 silver and 4 black.  $12,000 plus shipping, cash offer.  West Coast - FedEx Ground, East of the Rocky Mountains, FedEx Air Express.  48-72 hr delivery.  A fabulous system to introduce the sonic beauty offered by vacuum tube amplification.  These units share the same circuit technology and build quality as Allnic's Flagship components!

For those interested please read about each component:

L-6500 Linestage Preamplifier

A-2000 'se' Amplifier - (near the bottom of the summary).

Download or link to the official reviews here!

Recent Innovations of Allnic


Whether one component or an entire Allnic system, I find myself emotionally connected from the first note and often find it difficult to focus on secondary tasks, and for this I consider myself blessed.


Over the last four years, Kang Su Park has made some monumental strides in circuit design that really have advanced the Allnic product line to an entirely new level of performance.


The Allnic M-311’s have been produced for a while and had one redesign with the addition interstage transformer - which isolates the first gain power pentode-triode e810f tube from the signal path making the amps DEAD SILENT. I place my ear to my 99 dB efficient speakers - silence.


At 7.5 Watts, these amps, single-stage, no capacitor, and a straightforward design have no issue driving 99 dB Daedalus Zeus speakers. So the entire Daedalus product line will be driven well by these amps. Increased clarity along the frequency spectrum. No compression at the higher frequencies. SET amplifiers provide better micro detail without sacrificing dynamics. Source implementation and preamp are also pivotal. However, when given a ‘proper’ signal, these speakers are without limits. Daedalus is the first speaker manufacturer where Hi-Fi wanes leaving only an artistic presence.  


The M-311 are real single-ended, incorporating a true interstage transformer coupled which is the most difficult method (no need of coupling capacitor), real Non-negative feedback, with an excellent natural bass presentation. These amps are the most basic and authentic triode single-ended, truly unique design -- only Allnic can make this amp. 


And while this particular amplifier, whose emotional connection has proven consistent from its first moment to now, has been phased out, I’m confident the evolution of Allnic will manifest a new replacement SET monoblock amplifier that simply makes everything better.

IMG_0738 .jpg

Kang Su’s introduction of a new line stage preamp product line, without output transformers or capacitors, demonstrates the quietest circuit, with no apparent coloration and the lowest distortion possible, allowing for extremely detailed expression, natural harmonics, intricate inner layering, and subtle music decay. In essence, they offer only complete transparency and are gaining recognition for this achievement.


The L-7000, L-8000 DHT, L-8500 OTL/OCL, L-9000 OTL/OCL and L-10,000 OTL/OCL line stages come standard with Kang Su Park’s in-house design 61 step constant impedance bridge-type attenuator, which negates the sweet spot commonly found on the preamplifier volume control creating a uniform presentation. Tonal balance and dynamics at all volumes are maintained. This translates to more lifelike sound with greater dynamic contrasts and zero listening fatigue at any volume.


Allnic’s ZL cable line emphasized my goal in audio -- attaining the best value, that sweet spot of price to performance. The build quality and attention to detail are among the best in the market today.


Both the Allnic ZL speaker cables have similar traits in that they are very low noise, give power to the sound, and present no artifacts, even the silver 8000, which bellies every other silver speaker cable I have tried. They also present a “human” quality to the sound I have never experienced with any other speaker cable. Human meaning, real humans in real space. Very magical. They really are an open window to the amplifier with little signature of their own. The ZL-5000's are a bit warmer, where the ZL-8000 are the neutral reference for me.


The presentation is the sum of all parts, and with immediacy, I hear genuine magic from my system.


For a complete list of review publications for current production Allnic cables and electronics.


Soon to be published are reviews of the L-8000 DHT and A-2000 25th anniversary by the staff of Part-Time Audiophile, and the L-9000 OCL/OTL by Howard Kneller of Soundstage.  


As always, special deals on trade-in, demo items, and multi-item purchases. Please call or email to find the best Allnic upgrade solution for you.


Under the radar, specials are being offered on demo and trades. All cables are at current manufacturing specifications. 


A Succinct Summary of Allnic’s current innovations can be reviewed on their homepage

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