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  • The L-9000 OTL/OCL (Output Transformer-Less/Output Capacitor-Less) is a triple gain stage, remote controlled, line-stage preamplifier, without transformers or capacitors in its single-ended signal path.


    While providing the same specifications of the L-10,000 with a S/N ratio of less than -100 dB, 20V non-clipping output potential, +18 dB gain, this unit has the lowest output impedance of the entire product line at only 90 ohms providing better bass extension and overall representation, driving any amplifier on the market!


    • OTL, OCL Direct Coupled preamplifier
    • Two SEPP 6080s output
    • True Dual Mono design
    • 61-step Silver Contact Constant Impedance attenuator



    The L-9000 is a Direct Coupled OTL/OCL Tube Preamplifier. OTL/OCL means “Output Transformer Less” and “Output Capacitor Less”. In an OTL/OCL preamplifier, there is no coupling device between the preamplifier and the power amplifier, that is, the preamplifier’s final output tubes are directly connected to the power amplifier. Normally, an Output Capacitor or Output Transformer for separating AC music signal from the DC operating potential; if this is not done, the latter will destroy the power amplifier or loudspeakers.


    In common circuits, output capacitors or output transformers are required to separate the AC music signal from the DC operating potential. If this is not done, the latter will destroy the power amplifier, the loudspeakers, or both. However, these two coupling devices also introduce their own influences on the transmission of the musical signal, adding their own character (coloration), increasing distortion, and consuming small signals, all as predicted by physical efficiency theory. In addition, they also limit signal dynamics. For these reasons, the elimination of output transformers and capacitors has been considered the best solution for the design of the most accurate amplifiers. Removal of these two coupling devices from the signal path achieves the best results possible:


    • No coloration of the musical signal
    • Extremely detailed expression, natural harmonics and subtle musical decay
    • The lowest possible distortion
    • The widest musical dynamics 


    In the L-9000, there is no coupling device between the preamplifier and the power amplifier; that is, the final gain/output tubes are directly connected to the power amplifier. Thus, the benefits listed above are fully present in the Allnic L-9000 preamplifier.


    Some circuit experts might be concerned about DC potential in the music signal in an OTL/OCL design. However, the chance of this problem occurring can be 100% reliably eliminated by doing away with the potential for DC in the signal path. To do this, Allnic uses a “floating power supply circuit”, a design which deals with the theoretical issue by simply not creating any DC potential in the first place.


    The L-9000’s OTL/OCL circuit is basically SEPP, “Single-Ended, Push-Pull”, so a “cancellation circuit” is required to adjust the balance of signal between the upper and lower power output tubes’ input grids. Allnic uses an extremely sophisticated “Active Balanced Positive and Negative Feedback Circuit”, in which the 6AN8 pentode perfectly controls the circuit’s operation with extremely low distortion and incredible speed.


    In addition, Allnic’s newly developed 61 STEP CONSTANT IMPEDANCE BRIDGED TYPE ATTENUATOR, a world premier, is standard with the L-9000 and enhances its lifelike, dimensional sound.


    The L-9000 OTL/OCL is a world-class, reference level, line-stage preamplifier. It offers unbelievably realistic, holographic sound-staging combined with incredible resolution, clarity, micro-dynamics, and drive. Instrument and vocal tones and timbres are breathtakingly lifelike, and the placement of instruments and bodies in three dimensions startling, life-size, and addictive. The L-9000 OTL/OCL has no voice of its own, none. It is silent, except for the music emanating from the blackest of backgrounds.

    Allnic L-9000 OTL/OCL line stage preamplifier

    • Inputs 3 x RCA, 2 x XLR
      Outputs 1 x RCA, 2 x XLR
      Input Impedance 10k ohms (RCA, XLR)
      Frequency Range 5 Hz to 100 kHz
      Voltage Gain +18dB
      THD (1kHz, 1V RMS) less 0.03%
      S/N ratio -100dB
      Maximum Output 20V RMS (non clipping)
      Output Impedance 90 ohms
      Power Consumption 120W
      Tubes 6U8A x 2, 12AU7 x 2, 6080 x 2
      Fuse 3A/230V, 5A/120V
      Dimensions 430mm (W), 400mm (D), 180mm (H)
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