Just a few months ago we introduced Allnic’s lowest cost line-stage preamp, the L-6500.

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L-6500 Line-stage Preamp

Then, just a couple of weeks ago we were honoured to unveil Allnic’s new, ground-breaking, flagship DAC, the D-10000 OTL/OCL.



KS Park has been busy providing audiophiles with ever more fantastic choices! And now, here we are with a third new Allnic product introduction, though we mentioned some time ago that it was on the horizon...

Ever since the discontinuation of the H-1500 Plus phono-stage, a product so well-received it was manufactured for over a decade, customers have been noting (euphemism for complaining ;-)) that for quite a while there has been a significant price gap between Allnic’s lowest cost but incredibly over-achieving phono-stage, the H-5500, and the top-of-the-line units, the second from the top H-7000/H-7000V and the flagship H-8000 DHT. Now, finally, Allnic’s KS Park has “rectified” the situation - by designing a phono-stage that bridges that gap, the Allnic H-6500.

The New H-6500 Phono-stage Preamp

Early purchasers are very, very pleased and report that while the new H-6500 is a different beast from both the H-5500 and the H-7000, it offers all the hallmarks of Allnic’s globally praised analog products: supremely quiet operation, transparency that enables unveiling of the best of their vinyl, detail and dynamics second to none, plus compatibility with virtually every cartridge made. The exceptional sound quality is matched by excellent industrial design, with solid build quality and superior ergonomics. 

The new H-6500 shares features of both the H-5500 and the H-7000 phono-preamps. First, beyond the obvious similarities in exceptional chassis design, look and build quality, and dual analog tube monitoring meters, it uses the same in-house designed and manufactured moving coil step-up transformers found in the H-5500 and the stock H-7000 (there is an option on the H-7000 to have silver-wound SUTs).

H-6500 SUTs

Also, like the H-5500 and H-7000, the H-6500 features great flexibility for use of multiple cartridges and tonearms with front-panel selectable dual MM and MC inputs.

H-6500 rear panel

In addition, the DC voltage regulator and correction tubes are the same as in both the H-5500 and H-7000: the 7233 and 5654. And, naturally, the interstage and output transformers are also Allnic’s own vaunted permalloy units.

However, whereas the H-5500 employs solid-stage rectification with the same high-speed, tube DC voltage regulation as the H-7000, the H-6500 uses not only that same regulation circuit but also the same beefy, separate, tube-rectified power supply as the H-7000! The power supply connects to the main chassis by a DC umbilical cable, and it comes stock with an NOS 5U4G or 5U4GB rectifier tube but can use many others. This makes it another tube-roller’s dream, as anyone familiar with the original H-3000 and H-7000 preamps knows well.

In addition, while the H-7000 offers both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) outputs, like the H-5500, the H-6500 offers a single pair of unbalanced output connections.

The H-6500 differs from both the H-5500 and the H-7000, though, in terms of the signal tubes. The H-5500 and H-7000 employ NOS E810Fs. KS Park went a different direction with the H-6500, borrowing the signal tube used in the brilliant L-6500 line-stage preamp. That tube is the NOS 5842 and is partly responsible for the magic that L-6500 users are reporting. However, where the L-6500 uses two per channel, the H-6500 uses four. The 5842 is more common than the E810F and made by many manufacturers over many years, so again, tube-rolling is possible among those brands and vintages... if one is inclined that way.  Initial impressions may be read here:

It is important to note that one of the keys to the performance of tube gear is the precise matching of tubes and transformers within a circuit. This is one of KS Park’s particular areas of expertise and the reason one generally does not see the common tube selections found in the standard circuits used by many, many manufacturers. Allnic is special for many reasons. And - once again - the ingenuity and creativity of Allnic’s KS Park has delivered a truly superb product, yet another that makes real music. It also satisfies a demand for which clients have been clamoring.

With a black or silver chassis, depending on customer order, the H-6500 is priced at $9,900 USD and available for purchase now. Review samples are being distributed as I write, so watch for those over the next few months, too.

As always, to discuss purchasing the H-6500 or any Allnic product, for the first time or to move up the Allnic product line, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, John Ketcham, at Kevalin Audio. If you’re in Canada, please contact Don Corby at Corby’s Audio.
– and please, don’t forget: quality trades are always welcome.



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