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IN BRIEF: the result of rigorous engineering and deep knowledge… 




New Mu 8R Phono cable $1595

New Mu 8R Digital cable $1595

New ZL-8000 Power Cable $3200

Read the recent highly enthusiastic hi-fi+ Mu-8R Review
Not just for tube gear!

hi-fi+ March, 2023 Review on the Mu-8r interconnects

“Allnic Audio’s cables are not to be sniffed at. It’s rare to think of a brand that achieves success both in the field of amp AND cable design, but Kang Su Park’s brand is one of the rare exceptions. Naturally, the cables are an excellent match for Allnic Audio’s electronics, but they go far further than that!”

Alan Sircom, hi-fi+ Issue 217

The Allnic ZL Technologies cable line is produced in-house at Allnic and designed by Allnic Audio’s principal, Kang Su Park, a brilliant audio engineer who has spent decades producing everything from hand-built phono cartridges to award-winning, widely reviewed, tube amplification products, to speakers and crossover networks, with milestones such as the WORLD’S VERY FIRST constant impedance attenuator and commercially viable pure direct heated triode amplification products (Current production: Allnic H-8000 DHT phonostage, L-8000 DHT preamplifier, A-5000 DHT monoblock amplifier).

Kang Su Park knows audio reproduction inside and out, from one end of the chain to the other, from capacitors, resistors, tubes, and wire, to other materials and componentry of every kind. And does he have good ears!!
SEE ALLNIC Innovations of 2021!

Until recently, what was the missing link in his remarkable production portfolio? Literally, the links, the cables connecting all these components. After years of study, design, and listening, Mr. Park created the award-winning ZL (Zero Loss) Technology line of cables featuring, among other things (several proprietary): 

⦁    Super high-temperature welded terminations providing reduced signal resistance and improved durability

⦁    Heavy gauge nickel plated OFC for superior high current conductivity

⦁    Mu metal shielding for the absolute most EMI/RFI shielding on all interconnects, phono and digital cables

⦁    Aluminum and nickel copper mesh, double shielding to block all RF noise on speaker cables and power cords

Few manufacturers demonstrate this level of sophistication in design and adept implementation using top quality materials.

In my own experience, after continuous struggles in my personal audio system, plagued by what I finally realized was electromagnetic, radiofrequency, AND alternating current pollution almost entirely created by new generation LED compatible dimmer switches and switch mode power supplies.  This seemingly clumsy process of discovery gleaned valuable insight.  Specifically, RF and EM radiation travel further than you may believe.  AC pollution occurs both retrograde and antegrade, meaning one dedicated line can be negatively affected by defective equipment from another circuit, even in a nearby home.  


Allnic ZL cables demonstrated effective shielding and resolved these issues.  As my system improved, adding an OTL (Output Transformer-less) line-stage required a transition to unbalanced interconnects.

I needed thirty-three feet, and I can imagine the frustration of the individual who meticulously builds these by hand.  I know of someone with a forty-foot run, too, and neither cable length demonstrates any signal degradation, despite being unbalanced and such a considerable length.

As customers and reviewers acquired ZL cables, we learned that the magnitude of impact of incorporation of Allnic ZL Cables into a system runs somewhat against convention - unless a specific issue needs addressing.  In decreasing order of the cable’s remarkable positive effects:  ZL-5000 Power Cables for power distribution and amplifiers; ZL Speaker cables (8000S, 5000 or 3000); ZL power cables (5000 or 3000) to the preamplifier and source components; and, finally, the interconnects.  These days, some clients purchase complete looms outright - always with stunning impact!

While not absolute, ZL-8000S speaker cables, being exceptionally defining and spacious, are favored with tube amps. ZL-5000 speaker cables are “forgiving” in the upper and midrange frequencies and are favored with solid-state amplifiers.  Finally, the ZL-3000 cables work extremely well for near-field listening. I can’t fail to mention that the spade connections, with their constant pressure design, are patented; they do not come loose like others.

Allnic ZL Cables are excellent performers and priced reasonably, especially when paired with Allnic electronics.  Group purchasing is encouraged since these cables were voiced using Allnic electronics!

Allnic has worldwide representation. In North America, this writer – John - at Kevalin Audio in Oregon, or Don at Corby’s Audio in Ontario will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide appropriate contact information to best facilitate your needs.  The ongoing collaboration in the Allnic family worldwide has allowed new discoveries and ever-growing awareness of the benefits when Allnic components are well implemented.  Professional reviews and client feedback also provide immensely valuable information.

Link to quotes from professional reviews of ZL Cables!

Link to comprehensive list of links to reviews of Allnic products, indexed by component


“I was expecting an improvement in sound when I received them, but these cables have exceeded my expectations in every way.  These are fantastically natural cables that simply let more music through. Bass is deeper and more textured, the mids are more articulate and intimate, and the highs have more “tintinnabulation of the bells, bells, bells”. Microdynamics are much better than my previous cables with a greatly improved sense of dimensionality, and an undeniable sense of presence which feels like real musicians inhabiting a real recorded space. Really, they are just doing what a cable should doing. I’d call them highly accurate, but that makes them sound too clinical and that’s not the impression one gets when listening to them. One is simply more deeply involved with the musical performance. I am very pleased.”

Re ZL-5000 Power cords, Matt Davis.09/23/21

“It was a little disconcerting to hear an immediate improvement over my current speaker cables. I wasn’t expecting this magnitude of an improvement, but it was very welcome. The new speaker cable and interconnects are as big an improvement as the power cords were. More tone, transparency and presence, and very well balanced. It’s really all you want (at least I want) from a cable. I’m very pleased again, and maybe one of these days might be interested in one of your tube amps, the T-2000 30th seems very nice...For the amount of improvement I’ve gotten out of my system, it seems like a bargain.”

RE ZL-5000 Speaker Cable, Matt Davis 10/06/2021

"Vast expanse, a seamless vibrating presentation, and human articulation. I am very much enjoying these new speaker cables."
"I think they are an audiophile gift from a very gifted engineer that made them."
"Holyshit, they are amazing. The whole experience is more coherent. I only get the art from the music. No HiFi."
"Like a light switch, I'm kind of shocked at what I am hearing. The soundstage is more open, lower noise floor, more obvious layering, getting more texture from the instruments." 

"Zero warmth missing, and so much more! You have destroyed me with these mere 3' of cable. Holy smokes, I'm Freaking."

"Kevalin Audio is pleased to represent a cable line completely different than anything I have come across previously."

"With the Allnic ZL cables, my system achieved a level of clarity and cohesiveness and unveiling nuances of familiar recordings never heard before, and I have tried many, many cables!"

"I am far from the only one impressed by the ZL cables’ sonic and build quality and performance to price ratio. I came to appreciate them through those awards and reviews!"

All the above from clients who prefer to remain anonymous

"I recently had the opportunity to audition a pair of Allnic ZL-3000 Speaker cables. After a few rotations of one of my favorite ECM (Double Image – Dawn) records, I knew something special was happening. Rapid cymbal strikes that once produced that smeared ssssssss sound now revealed every individual strike from the drumstick. I could actually count them! Beautiful attack with long, sustained note decay. Several records produced subtle musical elements that previously were not there or were embedded deep in the background. On Hank Mobley’s Soul Station (AP), Winton Kelly’s stellar piano work was now more focused and defined. The upper registers played crisp without any grain or listener fatigue. Mid frequencies were smooth and appeared more forward. I also experienced improved imaging on several recordings with a holographic presentation that appeared to float above the components between the speakers while the negative space between the musicians was more defined. Bass reproduction was tight and deep and never overloading the room.

I found I could “throw the switch” on dynamic recordings without experiencing smear and loss of detail while lowering the volume on jazz recordings did not result in loss of resolution or detail. It was a pleasure to spin jazz records at low volume levels and still retain all the music. These cables are masters at resolving complex musical passages. Can’t wait to try the phono cable! These cables are my next purchase."

Richard Wale

The new Allnic loom is a game-changer. Open, engaging, gobs of detail/depth/etc. Very non-fatiguing sound, blackest backgrounds, great WAF. I’m understating the impact these have made in a very short time, and while I can’t say I’ve been doing lengthy critical listening sessions, what we’ve already experienced has elicited some nice headshaking and smiling. 

(On followup:)


We did some very critical listening today - the loom presents EXCEPTIONALLY, thanks so much for your help integral to crafting this system-wide improvement. You and Srajan (6moons) pegged these products very well in terms of what they can do and the value they represent in facilitating audio reproduction fidelity. As happens with varied priorities, it took us some time to get to the point where we could shoulder this an audio investment and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and your help, thanks again.


I understand the term “fine-tune”; however, to us, with our gear and our ears, it was more like a serious component upgrade – on steroids. Your company represents an exceptional set of cable components, and we are deeply appreciative of the additional value you were able, and continue offering,  to provide. WAF = wife acceptance factor, which in this case is VERY HIGH INDEED.

Dave B. May, 2023

New and Upcoming Product Release

Allnic L-6500 Linestage Preamplifier (Early 2022)
Allnic H-6500 Phonostage Preampflier (Mid 2022)
Allnic D-8000 Digital Analog Converter (Mid 2022)
Waversa Bridge - on-the-fly digital format converter
Waversa EXT and PRO series jitter reducer (not a filter/processor, but featuring proprietary and effective new technology) - HDMI, COAX, BNC, AES, LAN, USB


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