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  • BRAND NEW! The H-6500 Phono-stage has many of the features of its larger siblings and represents a new level of excellence in price to performance value. It should please the most discriminating vinyl fans, especially those wanting a “jump-up” to an Allnic LCR EQ phono-stage at a very reasonable cost!


    Please note there is a limited supply of H-6500 in stock with the standard step-up transformer at special pricing.  Please call or email before placing an order.  If a unit is ordered online a refund will be issued within 24 hours.


    See Marc Philips's Review and Reviewers Choice Award!


    The H-6500 is Allnic Audio’s mid-line phono-stage model, sitting above the acclaimed H-5500 and below the much-lauded H-7000/7000V and the top-of-the-line H-8000 DHT.


    Like its bigger siblings, the H-6500 uses LCR RIAA equalization, has an outboard power supply that accommodates many rectifiers – a tube roller’s dream, and employs high-speed tube voltage regulation and the same MC step-up transformers that come standard on the H-7000/7000V!

    H-6500 Phono-stage Amplifier

    • The H-6500 features:

      • LCR RIAA EQ
      • Same MC Step-up transformers as standard on H-7000/7000V
      • Permalloy output transformers
      • Separate Power Supply
      • High-speed tube voltage regulation
      • Analog tube monitor meters
      • All NOS tubes
      • Dual MC and MM inputs
      • One pair RCA outputs
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