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  • NEW and AMAZING!! The ZL-8000S is Allnic’s first speaker cable to use silver conductors in combination with OFC conductors. These are separate, solid conductors, not plated! This rigourously engineered marriage of metals overcomes issues commonly associated with cables made exclusively of silver or copper, loss of bass and body with only silver, and softening of high frequency energy with only copper. With the best of both, the ZL-8000S delivers it all for maximum sonic realism!


    Right out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how weighty these cables are compared to its older brother of copper origin. At 2 mm thicker diameter, they certainly are denser -- attributed to the lower gauge wire used in the construction. When asked, this was intentional for better bass presentation, and Kang Su is always accurate in his assessment. I imagine there was significant research in designing these cables. The ZL-8000s aesthetics are based on the beloved Allnic ZL-5000 power cable and, when set side by side, present as identical twins with only the most subtle of differences. Few manufacturers demonstrate this level of sophistication in design and adept implementation using quality materials.


    My first immediate impression of the ZL-8000s is clarity. As with a newly prescribed pair of glasses, I notice detail that has not been previously realized. There exists a prominent high-frequency airy extension and, over time, an improved inner layering, overall depth, and separation in the soundstage giving a more distinct positioning of musical instruments--the sum of which is improved overall holography. Initially, strengths of the ZL-5000 were noted and missed; however, during this extensive breaking in process, these differences became muted, and the ZL-8000s excelled, particularly in dynamics across the frequency spectrum regardless of volume. This is a noted distinction. The dynamics of the ZL-5000 soften at low volume. But so did any cable I auditioned or owned before today. The quality of expansive richness and warmth, or bloom, is where the ZL-5000 shines, and for me historically never existed in any silver cable. This, among a few other reasons, is why I favored copper cables throughout my system. Such bloom, to me, evokes emotion. The ZL-8000s present a better overall focus, and realism while maintaining an emotional connection with the music. Again, it circles back to clarity. 


    Like with ALL Allnic ZL cables, additional length and configuration is only a very nominal upcharge.  Standard Length is 3 M.  Additional lengths at $400/0.5M.  Bi-wire or Tri-wire which is strongly recommended over the use of jumpers.  Cost:  $800.  Email first for custom lengths.  Discount on bulk pricing, return customers, and trades encouraged.

    Allnic ZL-8000 Silver Speaker Cable

    • Conductors Silver, OFC
      Insulation Silicon, PVC
      Outer Jacket Crystal-clear PVC, Pure Copper
      Diameter 18mm
      Length 2.5m (standard), 3m
      Splitter Silver duralumin
      Terminations Patented high-tension, Rothium-coated titanium spade lugs
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