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  • New WAVERSA SYSTEMS release - USB-EXT REFERENCE in addition to the LAN-EXT REFERENCE  passive filter unique to the industry. While the details remain ambiguous due to patent conditions, this military-based technology has proven effective in digital audio reproduction. "This module 'forms an electric field and a magnetic field to remove RFI noise from the LAN cable and noise generated by the digital signal line itself.'" Collin Shin, Waversa Systems.


    The REFERENCE series demonstrates more advanced technology than the EXT-1  One new owner from Europe stated this on What's Best Forum:


    I only listened to both filters for a short while and after I had recovered for the shock of the price differential it was a no-contest decision. As I said the reference benefit was a wow. The sound stage was bigger, the control and tightness of the Bass were impressive with more detail and a lower noise floor. So clean and smooth."  Expect a settling-in time of 50 hours.

    For its size it is surprisingly heavy. Over 3kgs. It feels good in the hand.


    Excerpts from other reviews from the series:

    "Waversa’s WLAN Isolator showed a clear sound quality improvement effect by removing electromagnetic noise from a LAN cable. The biggest change was that the stage background became quieter and every note defined, followed by a wider sound stage, an increased sense of space, and energy; especially the low-frequencies were revived." by Kim Pyeon Audio Columnist, HiFi Club.

    These passive filters are supplied with a short-run cable placed between the filter and the destination component of the signal path. The LAN filter itself has no directionality.

    "...more resolution of fine detail and speed/dynamics: more "alive" and bass is tighter and punchier."  The benefit is optimal by filter positioned between commercial equipment and audiophile-engineered equipment.  


    Download .pdf Review:
    Please note COAX, BNC, AES/EBU, USB and LAN Ethernet are in production - Please specifiy


    Audition units available: USB, Lan Ethernet, Coax


    The EXT series does have a multiday break-in period to optimal performance.  For this reason, a 30-day trial period is offered for the Waversa EXT series.


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