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  • NOW IN PRODUCTION! Allnic’s long-awaited “baby” line-stage preamplifier, In stock and ready to ship!  Kevalin Audio has a limited number of new units in stock at special pricing, please email or call before ordering.  We will refund the difference and provide a follow-up notification if an online order is made.


    See the recent HiFI+ review here!  HiFi+ May, 2022!!

    Allnic’s KS Park does it again. Replacing the highly successful L-1500 preamplifier that anchored Allnic’s line-up for over 14 years, the robust all-aluminum chassis (black or silver), transformer-coupled L-6500 line-stage pre-amp sports NOS tubes, remote control, and an appearance that matches the awesome H-5500 phono-stage. The gain tubes in the L-6500 differ from those in the L-1500. The L-6500 uses NOS 5842 tubes, supplied stock with the unit. They are equivalents to the Western Electric 417A, and there are other great brands and vintages of the 5842 type to roll. The NOS tubes supplied present a warm sound and with GEC brand tubes are strikingly engaging emotionally with their inherent lush sound while retaining clarity and detail. Price to performance, this amp commands my attention!


    The L-6500 features pure class A operation, an ultra-high speed automatic voltage regulation circuit utilizing vacuum tubes, and individual current meters for each channel. In addition, Allnic Audio uses its own, in-house designed, precision oil-clutched motorized attenuator, not a digital IC volume control or low‐ cost carbon film volume control with a motor; the L‐6500 has no (± 0db) channel imbalance at any volume level. Finally, with five (5) pairs of inputs (three balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA) and three (3) pairs of outputs (one balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA), the L-6500 provides great flexibility for multiple connections.

    "Dead quiet; transparent, deep and wide soundstage; great “body” to instruments and voices; and a lovely detailed and smooth top-end. Surprisingly, it’s a wonderful match for my much more costly Allnic A-5000 DHT monoblocks."  - 1st Canadian Owner of this newly released linestage!

    L-6500 Line Stage Coupled Output Transformer Preamplifier


      • Inputs: Line level

      × 5 pairs: Balanced (XLR) × 3 Unbalanced (RCA) × 2

      • Outputs: 3 pairs: Balanced (XLR) × 1 pair Unbalanced (RCA) × 2 pair

      • Input Impedance: 100k ohms (RCA), 100k ohms (XLR)

      • Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (FLAT) 16Hz ~ 75kHz (-3dB)

      • Voltage Gain: +20dB • THD (1kHz): Output 0.3V, 0.06% Output 1.0V, 0.15% • S/N Ratio: -90dB (CCIR, 1kHz)

      • Maximum Output: 15V RMS (Non-clipping)

      • Output Impedance: 150Ω Constant

      • Power Consumption: 30W at 110/120V / 60 Hz

      • Tubes: 5842 (equivalent to WE417A, CV3789, F7004) × 2 (gain stage) 7233 x 1 (no equivalent) voltage regulator 5654 (equivalent to 6AK5, 6AK5W, EF95) x 1 (voltage error detector)

      • Fuse: 2A for 230V version; 3A/250V for 120V version - slow blow • Tube chimney screws: 2mm Allen head

      • Dimensions: 410mm (16.93 inches) (W) 290mm (11.42 inches) (D) 170mm (6.69 inches) (H)

      • Weight: 10kg (22 lbs) unpacked. 12kg (26.45 lbs) packed in original shipping material

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