• New Allnic Amp Design - m2500 Push Pull Triode or Pentode with unique 5AU4 tube rectifier. 


    PX25 - 1st Stage 5654, 2nd Stage 654, 5AU4 Rectifier and PX25 x2.  20W Continuous. Triode

    300b - 1st Stage 6485, 2nd Stage 12A4, 5AU4 Rectifier and 300b x2.  30W Continuous. Triode

    KT150 - 1st Stage 5654, 2nd Stage 654, 5AU4 Rectifier and KT150 x2.  100W Continuous. Pentode


    This new amp design has hit the sweet spot between SET and typical push-pull amplifiers.  The M2500 maintains the micro detailing, texture overall finesse across the midrange SET designs is known for while improving the dynamics, slam factor and extended and focused bass.


    These are my go-to amps with no issues presented with any genre at any volume.  My amps are the PX25 20W Continous triode, set at 8 ohm driving Daledious Zeus Speakers with 99 dB efficiency at a VERY flat impedance curve (+/- 1 ohm above 100hz) and most of the time are spot on at 6ohms. 


    The M311 PX25 also have no issues with the Daedalus Speaker line.  

    M2500 Push Pull Triode (300b/PX25) or Pentode (KT150)

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