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    ANNOUNCING: V3 is available now at V2 pricing for a limited time.  CALL FOR DETAILS!


    Redesigned for the incredible KT170 beam-tetrode power tube, Allnic’s new M-3000 MK3 monoblocks take vacuum tube power and finesse to new heights of excellence. Like the MK2, the MK3 is also a parallel push-pull design, but changing from the KT150 power tube to the KT170 nets more power and even more resolution and transparency. Whereas the MK2 netted 200 watts per amp in pentode mode and more than 90 “SET-like” watts in triode, the MK3 supplies 240 watts in pentode and more than 100 in triode. Of course, like all Allnic’s power amps, that output is also matched by exceptional driving force thanks to Allnic’s KS Park’s optimized circuit design and painstaking gain tube/transformer matching. Like the MK2, the MK3 can also be switched between pentode and triode modes by the press of a button on the front of the chassis - “on-the-fly”.



    Much of the improved M-3000 MK3’s refinement is due to the circuit changes Mr. Park made for the MK3 to obtain the best performance from the KT170s. In addition to much larger power and output transformers, which are, of course, Allnic’s hallmark in-house manufactured permalloy specialties, the driver tubes have been changed to the very stable and reliable 5654 in the input position (providing many options for tube-rolling among brands and vintages) to the 6S4 (or 6S4A) triode in the critical second gain position – replacing the triode wired, and increasingly difficult to find, E282F pentode tube wired in triode. The 6S4 was also made by various manufacturers over many decades so can also be “rolled”; and as a “pure” triode, it contributes even more to the purity, the crystalline clarity and exemplary resolution of the M-3000 MK3.

    In addition to the above features, the new M-3000 MK3 monoblocks provide:
    ⦁    Analogue power tube current monitoring meters
    ⦁    Exceptionally easy bias controls
    ⦁    Soft start circuitry
    ⦁    Individual fuse protection for power tubes
    ⦁    Dual inputs, one RCA and one XLR
    ⦁    4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order)

    M-3000 MK3 Monoblock - Complete Redesign!

    • Output Power:

      • 240w (8Ω load, at 1KHz) Pentode

      • >100w (8Ω load, at 1KHz) Triode


      • 0.17% at 1KHz at 10w

      Frequency Response:

      • 20Hz - 20KHz Flat

      S/N Ratio:

      • -80dB (CCIR, 1KHz)

      Damping Factor:

      • 8 at 8Ω load at 1KHz

      Voltage gain:

      • +28dB

      Input Impedance:

      • 100KΩ (single-ended, unbalanced)

      Input Sensitivity:

      • 2.0V for maximum rated power


      Mains: AC 10A, 250V – 6x20mm slow-blow for 110/120V regions AC 5A, 250V – 6x20mm slow-blow for 230/240V regions

      KT170s: 0.5A, 250V - 6x20mm slow-blow

      Tubes (per chassis):

      • KT170 X 4 (power tube)

      • 6S4 X 2 (second stage drivers – equivalent to 6S4A)

      • 5654 X 1 (first stage driver – equivalent to 5654W, 6AK5, 6AK5W, EF95 and CV1762)


      • (W x D x H) 430mm (16.93 inches) x 430mm (16.93 inches) X 290mm (11.4 inches)


      • 36 kg/79.4 lbs net per monoblock. • 43 kg/ 94.8 lbs shipping weight per monoblock

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