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Zero Loss Technology

Zero Loss Technology includes Speaker cables, Power cables, Phono cables, and Interconnect cables. All of Interconnect cables use Mu-metal as a braided shield.

Key features of Allnic’s ZL Technology cables

• Continuity of Conductor: Hot melt welding, not soldering nor clamping.
• Permanent Contact Pressure: Carved out heat-treated Beryllium copper terminals.
• Perfect shield against magneto-electric noise: Only Mu-metal shield could protect, copper could not.
• Maintenance-free double blade patented terminal: No need to go backside of loudspeakers every month for retightening binding posts.


1. No barriers on conductor
With traditional soldering or clamping connection between terminal and conductor, you have two resistant barriers(solder has much bigger resistance than copper or silver). Our direct hot melt welding without solder connection removes two obstacles on signal path, by melting terminal and conductor into one material.


2. Permanent Contact Pressure of heat-treated Beryllium copper terminals
Contact resistance is a very important factor in signal transmission. Higher contact pressure and larger contact surface mean less contact resistance and better signal transfer. With traditional bronze, pure copper or phosphorous copper terminals you could not have enough contact pressure nor permanent one. With our carved out, slit, heat-treated Beryllium copper terminals, you have strong and permanent contact pressure for minimum contact loss.

3. No more loosened binding posts
With our patented double blade terminals, you do not need to go backside of your loudspeakers every month to retighten your binding posts. Our double blade terminals not only hold tight against severe vibration of speakers but also minimize contact resistance, so please do not go backside for years.

4. Mid-Range Control Technology – MRCT®
Allnic considers that protruded midrange is the most formidable obstacle for harmonious signal transfer. Allnic’s MRCT uses metal platings for slight midrange braking and thick wire gauze for encouraging low frequencies and controls capacitance forever evasive high frequencies.

5. Free from every disturbing magnetic noise
With traditional copper or silver meshed shield, you have not enough protection from magnetic noise. Copper or silver could protect well against electric noise, but very poorly does against magnetic one, because magnetic signal freely penetrates copper or silver. Only Mu-metal(Nickel alloy material) could protect your audio signal from both electro-magnetic noise. Data shows Mu-metal reduces magnetic noise to 1/32 times( – 32dB), of course, it protects electric noise perfectly either.

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