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  • Allnic has recently released a Mu-8R phono cable. The new phono cable’s debut follows customers’ and professional reviewers’ rave and award netting assessments of Allnic’s ZL-Technology audio cables, both the original Mu-7R and the new Mu-8R series of interconnects and speaker cables.  We’re certain that the Mu-8R phono cable will garner the similar praise and accolades.


    Like all MU-8R cables, the Mu-8R phono cable has both silver and copper conductors. In addition, it utilizes all other features of Allnic’s ZL Technology cables, including Mu-metal for incredibly effective EMI and RFI blocking braided shielding  and high temperature (1000 degrees C!) welding of cable to Allnic’s custom terminations.


    Uniquely though, the Mu-8R phono cable comes in two “flavours”: the standard version is intended to work exceedingly well with all MC and MM cartridges, but Allnic has also created a custom order cable that will bring out the absolute best in cartridges that have an internal impedance of less 4 ohms. 


    Both the standard and custom versions of the MU-8R phono cable are available with either DIN to RCA or RCA to RCA terminations. The Mu-8R phono cable price is the same for both versions: $1595 for the regular 1.5m length (contact for custom length pricing (+$200/0.5m).


    Allnic MU-8r Silver Phono Cable

    $1,995.00 Regular Price
    $1,595.00Sale Price
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