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  • EXT-2 is $1500 introductory sale pricing!


    HDMI and LAN Ethernet are in stock.  Special order USB and other formats.  HDMI is excellent for I2S and Video applications.


    New WAVERSA SYSTEMS release - the LAN-EXT2 and HDMI-EXT2 passive filter unique to the industry. While the details remain ambiguous due to patent conditions, this military-based technology has proven effective in digital audio reproduction. "This module 'forms an electric field and a magnetic field to remove RFI noise from the LAN cable and noise generated by the digital signal line itself.'" Collin Shin, Waversa Systems.

    "Waversa’s WLAN Isolator showed a clear sound quality improvement effect by removing electromagnetic noise from a LAN cable. The biggest change was that the stage background became quieter and every note defined, followed by a wider sound stage, an increased sense of space, and energy; especially the low-frequencies were revived." by Kim Pyeon Audio Columnist, HiFi Club.

    These passive filters are supplied with a short-run cable placed between the filter and the destination component of the signal path. The LAN filter itself has no directionality.

    "...more resolution of fine detail and speed/dynamics: more "alive" and bass is tighter and punchier." 


    The benefit is optimal when positioned between commercial equipment and audiophile-engineered equipment.  

    The first 50 units are available in N. America at an introductory price of $1500 each. The benefits are IMMEDIATE and not subtle as has been the universal feedback so far.


    Read more about the technology here: Newsletter Summary!

    Please note:  HDMI, COAX, BNC, AES/EBU,  USB and LAN Ethernet are available, please specify.


    The EXT series does have a multiday break-in period to optimal performance.  For this reason, a 30-day trial period is offered for the Waversa EXT series.

    NEW! Waversa Systems EXT-2 signal enhancement series!

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