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New Product by Waversa using proprietary technology stemming from commercial and military communication industry; patents are pending so details are restricted.  RF. EM rejection, signal noise rejection without processing the signal, perse.  These are entirely passive.  


These units are supplied with a 'generic' Korean-manufactured HDMI cable that outperforms every audiophile HDMI cable we have experienced to date!  Korean engineering is now world-renowned and these cables command my respect!


The video image and sound presentation are immersive.  Unfortunately, using digital film equipment - capturing the benefit remains illusive.  We are offering 30 day moneyback guarantee when payment (check or electronic) is without associated fees.


The EXT-2 HDMI will handle any modern bandwidth required from high resolution video formatting.


The EXT series does have a multiday break-in period to optimal performance.  For this reason, a 30-day trial period is offered for the Waversa EXT series.


Contact us for more detail.  

Waversa HDMI EXT-2 Video and digital music enhancer

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,500.00Sale Price
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