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  • The WVSHEILD LAN2 is an audio-grade LAN cable with VSHIELD technology.


    It utilizes a custom high-quality aluminum housing for the RJ45 terminal of Waver's Systems design to ensure long-term performance with VSHIELD technology.


    VSHEILD is an advanced technology of Waver's Systems that fundamentally protects a signal from the inflow of noise generated by characteristics inherent to the cable's housing. Although some of these technologies have been adopted in high-speed RF transmission, we have further enhanced this design to minimize the effect of noise on the audio signal. It was developed to block noise by implementing a copper shield method for each wire, not simply by winding an expander around an existing cable. This makes the background quieter, the contours of the bass more clearly defined, with the highs reproduced smoothly without any hesitation.


    In order to manufacture VSHIELD cables, Waver's Systems has developed and produced a dedicated device to create wire shielding through a painstaking hand-crafted process.


    The high-speed communication cable of Waversa Systems consists of OCC silver-plated conductors for the twisted pair, with the VSHIELD copper shielding applied over it. This completely blocks noise from any external digital transmission, which is the main cause of digital audio noise, by blocking not only the noise emitted to the outside but also the noise of the cable itself.

    Waversa LAN2 Ethernet Cable

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