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  • WVDAC MK2 Western Electric Tube-based Digital to Analogue Converter utilizes 4x WE408A tubes and 6x4 rectifier tube.


    One unit in stock - with the integrated internal LAN Reference EXT.


    I would evaluate this DAC as a complex design with a plethora of settings. It can tailor the sound and is the same level of complexity as a phonostage setup. This is NOT a plug-and-play unit.



    V DAC is a cutting-edge next-generation DAC completed with the concept and the best technology that cannot be found in any high-end DAC in the world. Although there are DACs close to analog, no digital source device surpasses analog. Waver Corporation V DACs are the turning point for digital devices that surpass analog in the history of DACs.
    Waver had planned to develop a Piano DAC, a reference-level DAC, three years ago. However, considering the current market situation at the development stage, the V DAC was released in place of the Piano DAC. Quality and performance that aims at the piano DAC are retained yet priced competitively.  Waversa's Paino DAC never went into production but due to rapid advancement of digital innovation, Waversa Flagship DAC finally is in production and is estimated to retail for $35,000 USD.  V DAC is the world's leading waivers use digital technology and the tube analog stage succeeded in V Pre, the sound quality beyond conventional wisdom DAC Is born. 
    Piano DAC planned to incorporate technology that no manufacturer has ever tried by replicating the second harmonics produced by vacuum tubes in the digital signal processing. In other words, it is a technique of producing the harmonic of a vacuum tube with TR. However, V DAC uses a vacuum tube analog amplifier, so the natural secondary overtones (harmonics) will come out so that there is no need to deliberately create secondary overtones (harmonics) in the digital part. By using the vacuum tube as an amplifying element, all the advantages of the vacuum tube are saved and the shortcomings are overcome with excellent circuit technology, resulting in the highest level of high-end DAC.
    Digital input unit (USB, Network) developed by our own technology, digital signal processing (WAP) by our own algorithm, multilayer energy transfer technology applied to four D / A converter chips, transformer I / V conversion, CPU controlled bias The new generation of DACs , which combines digital and analog perfectly, combines unrivaled digital technologies, such as OPAMP and transformer analog stages without resistors and capacitors, with the highest-end tube amplifier technology .

    Quad SABRE based design is a unique implementation whereby each chip handles one channel with limited frequency spectrum.  Two chips per channel.  


    Design Concept

      - Seamlessly constructed aluminum body.

      - LCD screen display.

      - Control knob for select mute, normal and tube calibration/adjustment.

      - Menu knob for adjusts settings.

      - 4x WE408A tubes and 6x4 rectifier tube.

      - Isolated digital and network parts.

      - A seamlessly constructed chassis.

      - Network, USB, Coaxial, AES/EBU input supported.



    Key Features


    FPGA based built-in high-end up-sampler(WAP) up-to 1.5MHz/24bit

    Linux 4.9 with 1GHz TI OMAP Processor ( ARM CORTEX-A8 )

    Quad SABRE based design

    Waversa's custom energy transfer technology applied

    Waversa's custom-designed computer-controlled automatic tube bias adjustment feature

    No discrete parts are used for the signal output stage

    I/V Converting with Lundahl nickel amorphous transformer

    Full balanced output stage with Western Electric 408A tube with Lundahl output transformer

    D/A converting with CDP/DDC via Coaxial, AES/EBU Input

    File play with PC/MAC via a USB port(UAC2 Compliant), DSD256 Support

    Network play via Ethernet port(DLNA, Roon Ready, AirPlay, WNDR)

    DSD256(Native) Support(USB, Ethernet)

    System Update via Network and SD card


    PLEASE NOTE: A demo unit is available for audition.  Please call to reserve.  This unit has been optimized with Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax Fuse and Single Layer Capacity microSD card. 


    Limited supply left - consider Coupon Code: "Student" for discount.   Of course, please review our buyer's policy here. 

    Waversa Systems Vdac MKII

    • No return on international sales, custom orders or sale, trade, demo, discontinued items.  30-day return on new retail items in resellable condition.  Full factory warranty with new and demo items. Resale items are sold as-is, no warranty. 

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