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  • While details are closely held due to patent conditions, the technologies utilized in these devices have proven highly effective for audio reproduction, producing notable improvements in both audio and video performance. In the case of the WActivator-2, the technologies employed require a 12V power source and were originally developed in relation to essential aspects of electric vehicle operations. The passive electro-magnetic technology in the new EXT-2, as for all the EXT Digital Noise Isolators, originates in a military context.

    The WActivator-2 features a new proprietary and unique to the industry technology and can be applied to all audio cables: speaker, interconnect, power, and digital cables (except optical cables). Each WActivator-2 treats one cable and has three levels of operation, high, medium, and low. Each level of intensity produces different results depending on the cable being treated and the speakers and electronics to which the cable is attached. The user needs to experiment to find the desirable setting. The WActivator’s influence is clearly heard immediately; no break-in period is required.

    The Activator2 series does have a multiday break-in period to optimal performance.  For this reason, a 30-day trial period is offered for the Waversa Activator series.

    Waversa Systems - WActivator2

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