• Up for sale is a new Waversa Systems WStreamer.  I will be importing more and more of their product line as interest grows.  This is an excellent unit that when coupled with a 5V 1 amp linear power supply - such as a Sbooster for clean and ample current was the most economical yet effective improvement in my system. 
    Internally is a microSD card.  I have sourced a SLC SD card which improves sonic qualities.  MLC vs SLC - single layer capacity vs multilayer.  SLC typically have less memory for their stated chip use but less noise.  This is a $100 additional option.     
    Key Features:   
    Network to Coaxial, USB Converter  


    Milled from a block of duralumin for reduced vibration/jitter.

    5V Single Power input

    DLNA, AirPlay, Roon Ready, WNDR Support

    Coaxial - 44.1KHz ~ 192KHz / 24bit

    USB - 44.1KHz ~ 768KHz / 32bit, DSD64 - DSD512

    System Update via Network and SD card

    Note: WNDR - is a proprietary Waversa Codec serving the same function as Roon RAAT but more organic.  Requires a WNDR capable unit.


    Waversa Systems Wstreamer