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  • The end of all questions - modern tube magic from Korea


    The Waversa WVpower MK2 with 300B equipment is the ultimate balance of tube amplification. Their seamlessly constructed aluminum chassis without visible screws are subtle and elegant yet functional giving them great rigidity rendering the signal-carrying circuits insensitive to harmful vibrations.  This amp design incorporates a full balanced inter-stage with 6H30Pi tube with Lundahl inter-stage transformer which allows for zero feedback and eliminates one gain stage tube ensuring the purist signal amplification without distortion.  An LCD screen shows the current status of the output tube, driver tube (6H30Pi) and the current setting of the output tube in real-time. Of course, the WVpower MK2 has truly symmetrical and unbalanced inputs.


    Both the WVpre and WVPower 300b monoblocks utilize fully ballanced internal circuityr and therefore balanced interconnests are recommended.  When paired together, their true potential becomes apparent.


    Technology for good sound

    • Manual adjustment of the tube bias and real-time measurement of the tube current on the screen
    • Automatic detection of tube faults
    • No coupling capacitor and no feedback used
    • Fully symmetrical intermediate stage with 6H30Pi tube with Lundahl intermediate stage transformer
    • Fully balanced output stage with 300B tube with Lundahl output transformer
    • 1x balanced inputs, 1x unbalanced input 


    Technical specifications

    • Output power: 2x 20W
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 105 x 330mm
    • Weight: 15kg

    Waversa WVpower MK2 Mono power amplifier - 300b

    • No return on international sales, custom orders or sale, trade, demo, discontinued items.  30-day return on new retail items in resellable condition.  Full factory warranty with new and demo items. Resale items are sold as-is, no warranty. 

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