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  • Waversa WVpre MK2



    Tube amplifiers don't have to be old-fashioned at all - the Waversa WVpre MK2 demonstrates this clearly. This beautiful and simple designed tube preamplifier blends the pleasant and natural sound quality of the Western Electronic 408A vacuum tubes with a high-precision digital volume control.  Of course, the Waversa WVpre MK2 relies on fully balanced signal processing and pairs ideally with their interchange transformer 300b monoblock.  With its probably unbeatably aesthetics - housing made of solid aluminum and without visible screws simply has to occupy an exposed place on every hi-fi rack.  


    Both the WVpre and WVPower 300b monoblocks utilize fully balanced internal circuitry and therefore balanced interconnests are recommended.  When paired together, their true potential becomes apparent.


    Tube preamplifier

    • Tubes 4x Western Electric 408A
    • Rectifier tube type 6x4
    • Lundahl input transformer (nickel core) 
    • Lundahl output transformer 
    • Computer-controlled automatic tube preload adjustment
    • Tube fault detection
    • Fully balanced output stage


    Waversa WVpre MK2 Tube preamplifier -Western Electric 408A

      • Computer controlled automatic tube preload adjustment
      • Tube fault detection
      • Fully balanced output stage with Western Electric 408A tubes
      • Lundahl output transformer
      • 2x balanced inputs, 3x unbalanced inputs
      • 1x balanced, 1x unbalanced output
      • Digitally controlled, fully symmetrical volume control
      • 6x4 tube rectifier for the supply of the tube plate
    • No return on international sales, custom orders or sale, trade, demo, discontinued items.  30-day return on new retail items in resellable condition.  Full factory warranty with new and demo items. Resale items are sold as-is, no warranty. 

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