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  • Zero Loss Technology is applied to all Allnic cables, speaker, power, phono, digital and interconnect. North American and other terminations available.


    Zero Loss Technology defined: Allnic Audio’s specialty technology for eliminating audio cable signal loss by minimizing three resistances: Linkage Resistance, Contact Resistance, and Wire Resistance.


    Linkage Resistance minimized: Allnic uses 1000 °C hot melt welding of cable terminations and wire; no solder, no clamps.


    Barrier free conductors:


    Traditional soldered or clamped connections between terminations and conductor create two resistant barriers (solder has much greater resistance than copper or silver). Our direct, high temperature melt welding (1000o C), without solder, removes two obstacles in the signal path by melting terminations and wire conductors into a single, seamless material.


    Permanent contact pressure via heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations:


    Contact resistance is a critical factor for signal transmission. Higher contact pressure and a larger contact surface mean less contact resistance and better signal transfer. Traditional bronze, pure copper and phosphorous-copper terminations cannot provide sufficiently secure and long-lasting contact pressure. Our precision-milled, slit, heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations provide maximum contact surface and powerful contact pressure for minimal signal loss – for life.


    Aluminum and nickel-copper mesh, double shielding to block all RF noise on speaker cables and power cords.


    Mid-Range Control Technology – MRCT®:

    Allnic considers an exaggerated midrange to be a clear indicator of inaccurate signal transfer through a cable, and the most formidable distortion to overcome in cable design. Allnic’s MRCT is the result of meticulous listening and measurements to select carefully formulated metal plating for slight midrange “braking” and heavier wire gauges for accurate low frequencies, as well as to ensure control of capacitance for provision of stunningly realistic high frequencies.


    Allnic ZL 3000 Power Cable

    • Conductors: OFC

      Insulation: Silicon, PVC

      Outer jacket: Crystal-clear PVC, Pure copper

      Diameter: 12mm

      Length: 2.5m (standard), 3m, custom-made

      Splitter: Black duralumin with 4 silicon rings

      Terminations: Patented high-tension spade terminations

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